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    • Progressive system • Each raid will require the previous tier raid's achievement. For example, once you complete Naxxramas 10-player mode, the Ulduar 10-player mode will open for you. • All Northrend Non-Heroic & 5-player heroic mode Dungeons is open, except: Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and The Halls of Reflection. To enter Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, The Halls of Reflection and Trial of the Crusader you will need to complete Ulduar 25. • Bosses will always drop that raid's correspondent emblems. For example, you will get Emblems of Heroism upon killing any boss inside of Naxxramas 10 and Emblem of Valor inside of Naxxramas 25. Full Blizzlike content scripted As happened in Retail, you can focus on what interests you most, whether you’re a person who loves quests and want to get the Loremaster, as if you are a pvp lover born and want to focus on the season of arena or do any kind of pvp (indoor, outdoor …). We consider it very important to complete the story of the characters, so those who are some achievement hunters will find here a perfect place to stay and accumulate the most achievements points possible or if you want, just explore the world. Of course, the PvE is one of the great qualities of WoW you’ll enjoy it being as Casual or Hardcore Raider. If you are someone who loves the thrill of patches strict progressively you have the option of these kinds of challenges on our progressive realm. x1 rate x1 rates usually brings a more devoted crowd, so the player base tends to be more passionate about playing. Weekend extra experience Weekends rates x2. No pay to win We accept donations in order to pay our host and we do have a shop where you can buy companions, mounts, bags and some other stuff that is not game breaking. We will never sell gear or gold. Free heirlooms Free heirlooms make you level easier but with x1 so making it competitive. Crossfaction RDF You get paired up with members of the other faction just for the dungeon. Arena seasons Arena season 5 is active on launch. Other info: Server opening is scheduled to 4th April on 12PM (GMT+1). Until then we have it open only for testing purposes. Realm & other important information Website Registration Discord Facebook Thank you very much, see you soon! - LW team.
    • Basically, >>We still have 2 developer spots left!! We are still looking for the ones<< C++/Lua for 3.3.5a ElunaTrinityCore. URGENTLY NEEDED One simple rule: Be decent & determined. That is ALL. Big things await us, I need to find the ones for this position. Please contact me, im pretty sure you're not extinct and are somewhere out there and i will keep looking for you until i have absolutely no energy left. -If you do not love what you do & carry a bad attitude, -If you are not consistent, -If you are not as determined as I am for this project,        --->>> Then this is not a spot suitable for you. Discord: Nerc#0487 Skype: marc.chahine222 Discord server invite: https://discord.gg/AH6z9Pk Thank you! Regards, Nerc TrinityCore: Wotlk 3.3.5 Working on 1 realm for now - another realm in the future: -Realm 1: Leveling to 80 + Endgame PvP/PvE (Custom content) -> Endgoal: 2-3 realms in total. As the title proposes, i am currently looking for 1 final well-rounded developer. By well-rounded i mean know a bit of everything. But i am mainly looking for someone who is experienced and knows his ways around C++ scripting. I am looking for someone who is ready to produce & develop scripts, discuss and teach me anything that I need further inquiry on, or have any questions about. Proper english (minimum level) is a must - so we can communicate easily - as well as a certain expertise in wow emulation (experienced). - - - Updated - - - Why am I posting this thread? and what am I trying to achieve? I am attempting to meet the following objectives: -> The server is ~85% done, I am working hard on finding the proper individuals who are going to work alongside me in order to make that a reality through executing on several occasions on a per week basis. -> Create a pre-release community (through which, the sharing of ideas are going to be taking place, methods and ways of doing things, alternative recommendations through which the community will be the primary provider, content testing - during server testing phase). -> Accumulate a fan base. -> Gather new ideas that might leverage our ideas, server experience, and productivity altogether. -> Gain statistically significant and solid evidence to our ideas and theories prior to implementation in order to meet player needs. -> Meet people from different fields and creating a bonding community where we can all share ideas, get to know - & learn - from each other interchangeably. Work will be rewarded progressively!! Within the first few days and then, weekly.[/COLOR] You can reach me through: Skype: marc.chahine222 Discord: Nerc#0487 Discord server: Discord -> Note: we have already managed to accumulate a small community of around 80 Members on discord (that number has decreased due to server downtime while i was traveling. I am back working full-time on the server to get it back online with a new site that aims at rocking the web). I am still looking to expand this number. News and updates on the development are going to be shared in a progressive manner. Developers are URGENTLY needed because we are very close to server release date and the developers that i've worked with have slacked long enough. >> This is a call for dedicated developers, im trying to forge a devoted team who will dedicate at least a solid 50% of themselves to the project. Looking forward to hear from you guys! -C++ & LUA are a must. -Decent English -Availability (At least 3days/week!) -Efficiency & productivity is a MUST (No Slacking)! TrinityCore: Wotlk 3.3.5 Proof of past payments i have made for the people who have worked with me: https://pasteboard.co/HT145lh.png Thank you for you considerations and interests, Kind Regards, Nerc
    • Hello!I would like to invite you to our WoW server named ProgressWoW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkoumxJMrLI www.progress-wow.eu New 3.3.5a WOTLK FUN server No custom items Start heirloom items Faster professions Better rewards for RHC Daily quests RAID ID reset Friendly community!  
    • I think he's thinking about that when u play a lot or "2-3-4-5-6h" then u get a bonus honor or tokens or idk what in game for the played time in game
    • What do you mean Bonus of played? I'm not sure if Penny still visits the site tbh.
    • Greeating! An apology for being annoying I have a question, how can I dismiss the "Bonus for played" of your repack, since it is giving honor / full arenas, can you help me I'll be waiting for your response
    • Project Snowfall is a 20x high-rate leveling realm with a twist, we aim to provide players with additional content after reaching 80 content. We have left "Blizzlike" content intact but have added our own custom content, such as dungeon(s), raid, custom zone with lore and quest chains, as well as many other fun options. What are we recruiting? - Moderators, we are looking for moderators for our current testing phase taking place, in-game and within our discord. - Developers, we are looking for developers of all talents ranging from, Database, Core, Website and so on. Your work will consist of adding new content, and fixing existing content. Experience is preferred, but not required. - Designer(s), we are looking for bright, clever minds for creating our custom content, such as Lore, Dungeons/Raids, Quests and so on.  - Testers, we are looking for people for a passion for WoW, testers are responsible for participating in our custom and pre-existing content primarily for bug-hunting purposes. All roles are unpaid, if you're in it for the money, you've come to the wrong team.  Need more information or interested in joining? Join our Discord(https://discord.gg/p5YahnH)
    • Wicked-WoW Private Server  Haste 85 Fun WOTLK 3.3.5a Simple Introduction: Wicked-Wow is a Fun/Custom WOTLK based private server with over 10.000 custom items and quests with great realms designed to give the player an ultimate experience in the world of private servers! We are a new server  ready to provide you with some memories you will never forget with our amazing new ideas in game,, GM Teams, and development team that adds new content and fixes bugs at lightning speed! Basic Information: Start Level 85. Custom Starting area, Welcome Rewards. Daily & weekly gifts Haste Cap at 5000. High Stats (You can solo everything!) Custom Mall. Custom Transmog Mall Custom Instance, Spells,Items,Weapons,Vendors..., Custom professions. Custom Gems.Enchants,Buffs....etc Custom Teleportation Stone. Custom Event ; Halloween & winter veil. World Boss. Daily Quests  with good rewards. New Donation system New Voting system . ( You can spend Points in game , with out buying from website.) Custom world chat :  /o VIP service. Vote Rewards. VIP Rewards. Active and Helpful GM Team(s) for more information, check our server : WEBSITE : http://www.wicked-wow.com/ Discord :https://discord.gg/QNeJ2wD screenshots: http://www.wicked-wow.com/starterarea.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/transmog.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/wintervendors.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/vendors.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/vendors2.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/mall.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/profession.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/maingear+weapons.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/santa.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/ev01.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/ev02.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/wb01.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/wb02.png
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