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    • sorry this i am not looking for a repack i ask for help how to put the texture of a creature model in hd
    • Hi there, this is an English speaking forum so please in the future post in English. Are you using a repack? If so, you can try this new repack I posted to see if it has better model quality.  
    • Based on Trinity-core Legacy (with more fixes included for BFA) | Core and Database info |   Code: Core •Class Hall Basics (WIP) •World Quests •Challenge Mode (Mythic+) •BFA scripts (WIP) •Legion scripts (WIP) •BlackRookHold •Darkheart Thicket •Mardum (DH start zone) •Emerald Nightmare (1/7) •Tomb of Sargeras (1/9) •WoD Scripts (WIP) •full blizzlike Jungle of Tanaan intro •Garrison pre-quests (for both Horde & Alliance) •Garrison building activation •Bloodmaul Slagmines •Everbloom •Shadowmoon Burial Grounds •Highmaul •Pandaria Scripts •all dungeons & world bosses Many more fixes http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/flatastic-4/16/Hot-icon.pngDatabase •All Vanilla zones spawned •All TBC zones spawned •All WotLK zones spawned •All Cata zones spawned •All MoP zones spawned •All WoD zones spawned •All Legion zones spawned (including Class Halls) •All BFA zones spawned Less DB Errors http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/flatastic-4/16/Hot-icon.png   Code: Ingame Login Details (ready-made account for beginners) username/email: admin@admin password: admin | Download | - Repack (.rar file size 1.55 GB) - Data (.rar file size 4.55 GB) - Run & Play Client (.rar file size 632 MB) | Repack Start & Play Guide | (for localhost realms only , we do NOT give support to public realms) CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL GUIDE | Screenshots |   Credits: Apple from mmopro.org
    • Hola Comunidad, necesito un poco de ayuda tuya - Mi solicitud de ayuda es que el modelo que el cliente ingresa bfa sale medio feo Quiero hacerlo más HD Me refiero a la imagen más clara, alguna guía o me puedes explicar cómo hacer por favor ahí les muestro la foto como sale la montura     [url = https: //imgbb.com/] [img] https://i.ibb.co/xFP9StN/Captura.png [/ img] [/ url]   https://ibb.co/LNbjzX3   [url=https://ibb.co/LNbjzX3][img]https://i.ibb.co/LNbjzX3/Captura.png[/img][/url]   <a href="https://imgbb.com/"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/xFP9StN/Captura.png" alt="Captura" border="0"></a>
    • Good luck with the WoW Private Server concept
    • Just had a look and looks very good! I'll be checking some of them out
    • The Felbite Databasehttps://felbite.com Hello, WOWBB community! I'd like to present to you the newest and most advanced database for World of Warcraft private servers. It was created with extreme attention to detail for both server staff members and normal players that are trying to find a new World of Warcraft private server. Felbite is fully user-generated, meaning that server owners can submit their servers whenever they want for absolutely free. Okay, I think this is enough for the introduction, so let's jump straight into the details.Server Administrators:Felbite will give you the possibility to list your private server for absolutely free and reach a bigger audience that will (hopefully) bring more players to your realms. The whole submission process is separated into 5 steps and it will take a couple of minutes to complete. After the completion, we will review it and add it to the database where it will be accessible by everyone.Your server page will contain all the details about your server, including the social links (Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook) and will (of course) redirect the user to your own website where they can continue the signing process.Another feature we are providing to you is the possibility to add your own server announcements, updates, events, and even changelogs. These "news" will be directly attached to your server listing page and people will be able to see all your recent updates quick and easy. All on the same page.Server Hunters (Players)As we said in our introduction, Felbite was created with attention to detail. We want to make sure you can find a server, based on your interest. When you access our website you will be able to filter through the servers directly by their names, expansions, features, types, population, and so on.You can add servers to your personal saved collection for quick and easy access from anywhere. You will also be able to leave reviews for the servers you are playing on. Reviews are a great way of helping new players that are looking at that particular server but are unsure whether they should try it. The staff members of that server can also use these reviews to see what can be improved or how the server feels to the usual player.On the server pages, you will be able to see the latest announcements from that particular server. The main goal is to make it as convenient as possible. The server updates can be created by the server staff members or they can be generated automatically (in the future).Finishing UpIn this post, I've included the most basic information you will need to know about the Felbite Database. We really hope you will give us a chance and try our service out. It's absolutely free and it doesn't even require a registration to be used (for the normal player). If you want you can join our Discord channel where you can talk with us directly: https://discord.gg/ahATNQG The website: Felbite.comThank you for taking the time for reading this post. If you have any questions, please let me know. Take care and stay safe!  
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