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  3. how to activate bg of conquest island please help me npc doesn't tell me
  4. mira lo descarge todo con su aprche y sus sql y dbc lo instale todo bien la cosa cuando quiero aprender montura no aprende le sale spell ya aprendido no sale para montar la montura en en creatura sale bien tipo npc
  5. Hi Jhoancito, It's really difficult to understand this with your English. I presume you want to use the .learn command to learn mounts? You can do this with C++ but as this is a repack (already compiled), you'll have to try with SQL. You'll only be able to do this with full access to the database and commands table though and even then, I don't think this is possible. I would recommend compiling your own core so you have access to do everything.
  6. good user I need a help and install sql and dbc all goes well npc type the mounts in to learn how saddle does not leave me I put command .learn code nothing friends I'll leave link where I take the frames custom help me please I want to learn the frames https://www.mmopro.org/repacks/23293-3-3-5-scale-dg-raid-legion-wod-mop-cata-items-mounts.html#post59915
  7. I have to try this source code, thanks for sharing it ❤️
  8. I can't cause I have MySQL 8.0+ and it is not supported. I wanted this repack but for Linux. Thank you anyways.
  9. The Ultimate Vanilla Repack This as a complete repack of the open source Light's Hope emulator, with all of its features, including movement maps, anti-cheat protection, multi-language support, progression system, and even an optional custom mall located on gm island made by me. This project is a continuation of the Elysium/Nostalrius server cores and is actively developed. The full download link comes with all maps already extracted, to save you the 8+ hours it takes for the mmaps. Know that you need a decent computer to run this, especially if you choose to enable preloading of maps. I plan on updating the repack monthly, so keep checking the thread if you want to be up to date with any new bug fixes. Repack Features: - Anti-Spam - Anti-Cheat - Progression - Custom vendors - All localized DBCs - Registration page - Maps, VMaps, MMaps Supported client versions: - 1.12.1 - 1.11.2 - 1.10.2 - 1.9.4 Instructions to run the server: 1. Open the batch file "Start MySQL.bat" 2. Start the login server "realmd.exe" 3. Start the game server "mangosd.exe" You can login with admin/admin or you can make a new gm account with these commands: account create <name> <password> account set gmlevel <name> 6 The repack comes with multiple sets of binaries that you may switch between, depending on what client version you want to play with, or whether you want to run it on a x86 or x64 version of Windows. It is recommended that you use the 64-bit versions, as the server uses quite a bit of RAM, and hitting the 4GB memory limit for 32-bit processes is inevitable with more than a dozen players online. Remember to change your realmlist to in order to connect to the server. If you want other people to be able to join your server, then you need to go to the database and change the realm's ip address to you real one. It is located in the realmd->realmlist table. The most attractive feature of this emulator is that it supports content progression, so if you want to restrict in-game content to that of an earlier patch, simply open the mangosd config file and change the WowPatch setting. It affects things like item stats, quest availability, creature spawns, battleground rewards and some mechanics. Real client progression is also a thing now! Only a few versions are currently supported, but this way you are be able to play with old talents and spell versions! There are also custom vendors and trainers included in the repack that will make it easier for you to gear up new characters and train all your spells including those from class quests. To spawn them, you need to execute the file "Custom-GM_ISLAND_VENDORS.sql" located in "sql/custom" on the "mangos" database using either a MySQL client program like HeidiSQL, or the batch script provided for your convenience. Use the credentials root/root to connect to the MySQL database. Full Download Lite Download Source Code Credit: brotalnia
  10. Single Player Project - Classics CollectionA new repack, merged every of my repacks for older expansions of World of Warcraft and added the GIT based auto update system like in Legion repack.Currently Vanilla, TBC and Cataclysm modules available, but I want to bring back the WoTLK project with NPCBOTs.https://discord.gg/TpxqWWTDiscord server available for my projects. You can chat, ask, request or anything.We started the Patreon page! I can share my non-WoW servers here and you can get notifications of all new updates.https://www.patreon.com/conan513You can import your characters from older Vanilla and TBC repacks!Basic pack:- MariaDB 10.1.30- Batch launcher with many build-in options- Auto update system- Some useful toolsVanilla module:- Complete Vanilla server, based on cmangos-zero- Ike3's PlayerbotsThe Burning Crusade module:- Complete TBC server, based on cmangos-one- Ike3's PlayerbotsCataclysm module:- Complete Cataclysm server, based on https://github.com/Ovahlord/TrinityCore- Announce login- Boss Kill Announcer- Double XP Weekend- Firework on level 85- Solocraft- Starting Guilds- Starting items (LoginBoA)- Gain honor for elite mobs and guards- TimeIsMoneyFriend- Dungeon checkpoints- XP for PvP- Custom Duel reset- Worgen and Goblin starting area skipper- Multi client limiter- Hardcore mode- Congrats on Level-up- Money for kills- Immortal Mode- Online money reward system (improved TimeIsMoneyFriend)- PvPScript from AzerothCore (Talamortis)- LFG SoloMode- Save On LevelUp- Force Starting options- RandomEnchant on loot, reward and crafted itemsDownload Credit: conan513gm
  11. I would recommend compiling Linux Core if you want to run it on Linux: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977309/Linux+Core+Installation
  12. Haven't messed with emulation or custom gems in a. Maybe @Chyssler can help out or someone else
  13. I tried to take this item https://www.wowhead.com/item=41339/swift-skyflare-diamond Got the spell ID for minor speed 23990 went to Spell.dbc found the ID 23990 went to column 81 and wrote down "500". Saved, clear cache, restart server. But still no difference. Do i missing something out?
  14. Is there a server.log file or other log file you can look at? You will need this to understand what's happening.
  15. in my pc worldserver.exe cannot run but after a few try it opened and as soon as I tapped one word(for account creation) it shut down immediately. please help me to run
  16. cyberpro98

    Need help !

    Try that!
  17. simontb

    Need help !

    Hello guys, just came back to wow. i remember i learned abit about wow emulators. I recently compiled a fresh TC 3.3.5. Just playing around for fun. But I'm having problems with custom weapons and that. I get red questionmarks and can't even use my abilites when i have the weapon equipped. I watched some guides about dbc, I learned about how to move from db to convert in to dbc , but it doesnt work. I guess i have to make weapon patch right? also did that. But the only thing i couldnt find is how to acually apply the patch to the server. Could anyone maybe add me on discord or help me here. Maybe just put a link for a guide from step 1 > finish. (GETTING CUSTOM ITEMS TO WORK) Thanks, awesome to be back! -Simon
  18. lol long time

  19. I'm looking for this c ++ script for version 3.3.5 rev 61 is in the photo upload images https://ibb.co/nBR6923
  20. link caido subelo de nuevo amigo porfa
  21. Sounds Great i try Download it now
  22. Check the config files if they match up with your Database LOGIN things.
  23. InvisibleCore: Using configuration file worldserver.conf. InvisibleCore: Using SSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014 (library: OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014) InvisibleCore: Using ACE version: 6.1.4 InvisibleCore (worldserver-daemon) <Ctrl-C> to stop. InvisibleCore 3.3.5a Emulator worldserver DatabasePool character NOT opened. There were errors opening the MySQL connections. Check your SQLDriverLogFile for specific errors. InvisibleCore: Cannot connect to Character database;3306;root;ascent;character worldserver crash Server.log
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