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  3. Ufff, I have not ever messed with Smart events or Phases. Might be one for the TrinityCore forums?
  4. This post is almost a year old. I doubt this dude even checks this website any more haha
  5. no bashing here. but if anyone cant set up a simple forum there gonna have some major issues keeping it secure and maintaining it.
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  7. how would that help ? xD... i want you to finish a quest line basically and then return but its been revamped sort of... new npcs and suchs
  8. this looks like Tanaris, but it 's awesome!
  9. Wait, this is gonna be hard... Can't you just put them some kind of DisplayID's, or make new npcs that changes every 2-3-4-5-56-7-8-9-0minutes their display ID .. If you thought something like that
  10. ello there, I just wanted to ask if there is anyone out there that knows how to make a npc show up in a different phase, and then also send the player into that phase...Here is what i mean, I got a zone with mobs and bosses, I want you to be able to get into a new phase because i want you to get back here but with new mobs and such (so you need to do the first part in order to continue).Is their a way to do that? (DB vise) Im not asking to mess with the core / scripts.. I meant just via DB. It should be possible but im just not entirely sure how it works. im trying to cast a player & Npcs into a different Phase, and in that phase i can put new npcs. (DB vise) not within the Core. Since the core is so old, i cannot recompile it.What I think, it has to do with the "Smart_scripts" DB with the "event_phase_mask" about SMART_ACTION_INC_PHASE & SMART_ACTION_SET_PHASE 1. But not sure how it worksIf anyone knows Please let me know.TrinityCore 335.52 ------ OLD CORE EDIT: SOLVED IN OTHER WAY
  11. thank you madness, the maill itself i made in about 1 day. but I have put alot of time in the server vise xD, And We have most of our zones in a custom map.
  12. That's REALLY cool dude! I can tell a lot of time has gone into this and you don't often see a lot of custom work gone into things.
  13. If you could that would be awesome pls
  14. I'm just showing you what i created in WoW, The Mall we are using for our mall... Only On BlastWoW - Music in it too also check out my server if you want: blastwow.sytes.net
  15. can you update this link please mad?
  16. Thanks man, nobody has come forward yet.
  17. Sounds very interesting. I hope you find some help mate. GL with this, keep it going!
  18. Thanks for this Raid. Pretty sure it'll help someone at some point
  19. Hello, Our project is currently in beta stage, we have 1 blizzlike realm open, and a progression raiding realm we currently are looking for Staff to fill the servers, must be on at least 4+ hours a day. We understand everyone has life's, but this is a serious project and we need all hands on deck, TRINITY CORE REVISION----TDB 335.19081 - 2019/08/16 Transmog Blizzlike Teleporter Custom Mounts Double XP Weekends Custom Ingame 2 discord chat Custom Bosses PVP Titles World Chat VIP Cross Faction & Cross faction Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds tested & scripted XP Rates = x1 <----Double XP Weekends x2 Loot Rates ~ x1 Gold Rates ~ x1 Professions ~ x1 Gathering, Mining, Fishing ~ x1 Quests ~ x1 Progression Raiding Realm "Currently In development" TRINITY CORE REVISION----TDB 335.19081 - 2019/08/16 VAS Auto Balance World Chat Tier Donator & VIP Gear not P2W Cross Faction & Cross faction Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds tested & scripted Instant 80 Progression Raiding Mall Multivendor Teleporter Transmog Professional and active staff Pristine Mall design if your interested join our discord. https://discord.gg/mPQxeGB
  20. For all those who are having issues getting the worldserver.exe to load, in the log files I noticed that it was pointing to a directory(probably a directory from the creators PC) that was incorrect. I had to open the worldserver config file and specify the Source and mySQL target locations as they had changed. exp: the default value of "" was set for both of these fields. I simply navigated to the paths in explorer and copied them into the Quoted locations in the config file. it should look something like this. you can open the config files with Notepad. # # SourceDirectory # Description: The path to your TrinityCore source directory. # If the path is left empty, the built-in CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR is used. # Example: "../TrinityCore" # Default: "" SourceDirectory = "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Desktop\Server Files\Database Files" # # MySQLExecutable # Description: The path to your mysql cli binary. # If the path is left empty, built-in path from cmake is used. # Example: "C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.6/bin/mysql.exe" # "mysql.exe" # "/usr/bin/mysql" # Default: "" MySQLExecutable = "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Desktop\Server Files\_Server\mysql" of course you need to put your Path into these locations. It will depend on where you extract the server.
  21. what is the password for the mysql server? i've tried trinity/trinity and its giving me a bad password. I'd like to be able to make small changes to the server as I play.
  22. How to install:Extract the CrossFactionBattlegrounds2.rar, copy and paste in your Source folder;Open Git Bash and navigate to your Source folder;Use the command: patch -p1 <CrossFactionBattlegrounds.patchCompile and enjoy.? that link?
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