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    For all those who are having issues getting the worldserver.exe to load, in the log files I noticed that it was pointing to a directory(probably a directory from the creators PC) that was incorrect. I had to open the worldserver config file and specify the Source and mySQL target locations as they had changed. exp: the default value of "" was set for both of these fields. I simply navigated to the paths in explorer and copied them into the Quoted locations in the config file. it should look something like this. you can open the config files with Notepad. # # SourceDirectory # Description: The path to your TrinityCore source directory. # If the path is left empty, the built-in CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR is used. # Example: "../TrinityCore" # Default: "" SourceDirectory = "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Desktop\Server Files\Database Files" # # MySQLExecutable # Description: The path to your mysql cli binary. # If the path is left empty, built-in path from cmake is used. # Example: "C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.6/bin/mysql.exe" # "mysql.exe" # "/usr/bin/mysql" # Default: "" MySQLExecutable = "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Desktop\Server Files\_Server\mysql" of course you need to put your Path into these locations. It will depend on where you extract the server.
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    How to install:Extract the CrossFactionBattlegrounds2.rar, copy and paste in your Source folder;Open Git Bash and navigate to your Source folder;Use the command: patch -p1 <CrossFactionBattlegrounds.patchCompile and enjoy.? that link?
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    All scripts have been updated to latest revision! Just compiled with no issues Download is free of use. Custom.7z

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