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  1. Are you trying to load this into TrinityCore? If so, what version?
  2. OnTop500 Gaming Topsite

    Back end looks sweet man! Good work.
  3. Yeah, definitely need to improve on the tags and SEO. I added the additional location info yesterday and created the logo. I need to improve on the SEO by putting a article section on there and making some tweaks. I'm going to add user agent info too which will show them which browser/OS they're using. I think I need to find a better geoIP location service too as this ones not very accurate.
  4. This has been a personal project of mine for many years now and I've never really worked on it, or promoted it properly. I'd like to share this project with you guys as I know it can be very useful! Please let me know if you can think of any improvements, or if you see any issues with it! Use it to find your IP address, your hostname and also gather your location. http://www.ipgetter.com
  5. OnTop500 Gaming Topsite

    Wow man! You've come a long way with that website! I'll give it a like on Facebook
  6. Justicarwow Repack + Source 255

    Hey Saftar, I will see if I can find any new links but it doesn't look promising. Most links look dead but perhaps you can try and contact the creator?
  7. [Trinity] [3.3.5] Sha - Blizzlike

    Good luck with your server
  8. NEWS

    Thanks bro. Nice to see this stay here and I'm going to be working on the site really soon.
  9. Good work Irome, I might even try this myself!
  10. good to be here

    1. Madness


      Thank you mate :) good to have you here!

  11. [TrinityCore] Ultimate Repack! 3.3.5

    Hi Kriz, It could be your DBC files, or just a bug with your client perhaps. Check that you have good DBC files and perhaps even try another repack, see if you have the same issue.
  12. PrivateWoW-TopServers TopSite

    Very nice! I wish you success.
  13. DrakeTeam Warlords of Draenor 6.2.4 V3

    I've never seen that before mate. Try and run WoW.exe as an Administrator.
  14. Looks very cool guys, good luck and I wish you success.