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  1. Hi there, this is an English speaking forum so please in the future post in English. Are you using a repack? If so, you can try this new repack I posted to see if it has better model quality.
  2. Based on Trinity-core Legacy (with more fixes included for BFA) | Core and Database info | Code: Core •Class Hall Basics (WIP) •World Quests •Challenge Mode (Mythic+) •BFA scripts (WIP) •Legion scripts (WIP) •BlackRookHold •Darkheart Thicket •Mardum (DH start zone) •Emerald Nightmare (1/7) •Tomb of Sargeras (1/9) •WoD Scripts (WIP) •full blizzlike Jungle of Tanaan intro •Garrison pre-quests (for both Horde & Alliance) •Garrison building activation •Bloodmaul Slagmines •Everbloom •Shadowmoon Burial Grounds •Highmaul
  3. Just had a look and looks very good! I'll be checking some of them out
  4. Ohhh no prob, I understand. Yes, you can definitely compile the TrinityCore source and run a repack. All you need to do is change port numbers and database names (in the configs). Definitely go through the WIKI page here - https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977296/Windows+Requirements Also check this post out this post (although it's a few years old it might help). Good luck friend
  5. Hi @SavageSight, A repack cannot be compiled, it is something that has already been compiled and you just run it (by opening it and configuring your database). If you want to be able to completely customise your own server, you will need to follow the guide I posted and compile from scratch (from the source code in GitHub). The only thing you can change in a repack is the database data, which might be okay for your needs? You'll be able to update monster/creature HP, users and things like this. You just won't be able to add any C++ scripts. I hope this helped. Madness
  6. Hey @SavageSight sorry for the late reply man. Have you been through the WIKI to make sure you have the correct programs/versions installed? https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977296/Windows+Requirements It looks like all of your errors point to database errors so this could be a good place to start. Also make sure you follow their build setup guide here: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977329/Windows+Core+Installation
  7. I've been streaming on Twitch for a little while now and have just opened up a new YouTube channel. I play Realm Royale amongst other BR games and also horror games when I have to! I would really appreciate it if you guys followed me on Twitch & my social media pages. If you could also subscribe to my YouTube channel, it would be a huge help! Here are the links: 🌟Twitch🌟 🌟YouTube🌟 🌟Twitter🌟 🌟Facebook🌟 🌟Instagram🌟 Let me know what you guys think to the content. Thanks, Madness
  8. What do you mean Bonus of played? I'm not sure if Penny still visits the site tbh.
  9. I'm sure people will use and appreciate this. Thanks for the post @pennybox
  10. Ufff, I have not ever messed with Smart events or Phases. Might be one for the TrinityCore forums?
  11. This post is almost a year old. I doubt this dude even checks this website any more haha
  12. That's REALLY cool dude! I can tell a lot of time has gone into this and you don't often see a lot of custom work gone into things.
  13. If you could that would be awesome pls
  14. Sounds very interesting. I hope you find some help mate. GL with this, keep it going!
  15. Thanks for this Raid. Pretty sure it'll help someone at some point
  16. Hi Jhoancito, It's really difficult to understand this with your English. I presume you want to use the .learn command to learn mounts? You can do this with C++ but as this is a repack (already compiled), you'll have to try with SQL. You'll only be able to do this with full access to the database and commands table though and even then, I don't think this is possible. I would recommend compiling your own core so you have access to do everything.
  17. The Ultimate Vanilla Repack This as a complete repack of the open source Light's Hope emulator, with all of its features, including movement maps, anti-cheat protection, multi-language support, progression system, and even an optional custom mall located on gm island made by me. This project is a continuation of the Elysium/Nostalrius server cores and is actively developed. The full download link comes with all maps already extracted, to save you the 8+ hours it takes for the mmaps. Know that you need a decent computer to run this, especially if you choose to enable preloading of maps. I pl
  18. Single Player Project - Classics CollectionA new repack, merged every of my repacks for older expansions of World of Warcraft and added the GIT based auto update system like in Legion repack.Currently Vanilla, TBC and Cataclysm modules available, but I want to bring back the WoTLK project with NPCBOTs.https://discord.gg/TpxqWWTDiscord server available for my projects. You can chat, ask, request or anything.We started the Patreon page! I can share my non-WoW servers here and you can get notifications of all new updates.https://www.patreon.com/conan513You can import your characters from older
  19. I would recommend compiling Linux Core if you want to run it on Linux: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977309/Linux+Core+Installation
  20. Haven't messed with emulation or custom gems in a. Maybe @Chyssler can help out or someone else
  21. Is there a server.log file or other log file you can look at? You will need this to understand what's happening.
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