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  1. Ahh okay, I'm just confused why you didn't post the server ad on your Kyanite account,could you send me a message on the Kyanite account to verify that its actually you? If it is, I apologize for being so rude, I have had a server hacked before so i know how much it sucks.
  2. I take the silence as a *yes* you are the co-owner, if so your a scumbag lol.
  3. Sorry for not updating this repack for months, I got really busy IRL and I got working on other projects. I also read that CMangos 2.4.3 is having an issue with NPC health/damage scaling, So I am waiting for them to correct the error(I am looking for problems as well) And since I don't have the old source code(when this repack was compiled) the 2.4.3 CMangos repack is on hold until CMangos/or myself, can fix the NPC health/damage scaling issue. Thanks for understanding everybody! If CMangos can't fix the error we will switch this repack to a different source code.
  4. We have limited gigabytes of data(I live on an acreage that has a different plan) and the internet here isn't fast enough to operate a server for more then 10 people
  5. Awesome, ill hit you up when i do open one I need to first get some donations to pay for the host ahahah, considering i'm not working atm. I wonder if a fund raiser would work well or not
  6. I will keep that in mind, When I do start a server I will need staff What position would you be interested in?
  7. I've heard of yugowow before, goodjob on the server :D.
  8. Cool :), what is the name of your server?
  9. Wow nice! This makes me want to make a funserver for 3.3.5a hahah
  10. Yeah it isn't going to be fun lol, atleast the #1 surgeon in my area is doing it for me(even though he is expensive), I appreciate your kind comment Cyber :D Your tempting me to open a 2.4.3 server running off my CMangos repack. Lol :)
  11. Thanks Madness, I got a call from my oral surgeon today and they are going to book my surgery 6-8 months from now(once my Orthodontist gives the thumbs up) TBC was an incredible expansion pack, it is hard to think that it was 12 years ago :(
  12. My oral surgeon wants to do work on my top/bottom palate because it is causing chronic sleep apnea(it is being treated finally) by pressing on my wind pipe and causing a lack of oxygen, therefore when i work i get exhausted very quick which makes working a challenge. Burning Crusade is one of my favorite expansion packs, as with Wotlk and Legion
  13. Thank you Madness :D, yeah according to my profile i joined April 23, 2015 , so 4 years as of next year. I would game with you, i got a lot of friends who are over-seas, I wonder if I can still add you to a group?
  14. Hi everybody, I have been a member of this forum since around the time it was founded by Madness, but I never introduced myself, so here we go! My name is Jadon(Jay for short), I live in Alberta, Canada, I am 23 years old(almost 24) - I am currently unemployed as I wait to have Jaw Surgery/fix my health. - I have been involved in emulation for about... 10+ years(Arcemu at first, but TrinityCore for the last 4+ years), I started playing private servers in the middle of Burning Crusade(2006) where i played servers like ChaosCrusade/WoWbeez/Underworld Funserver.
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