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  1. I have to try this source code, thanks for sharing it ❤️
  2. cyberpro98

    Need help !

    Try that!
  3. Check the config files if they match up with your Database LOGIN things.
  4. Wow this seems really promising! Good luck !
  5. Oooh okay, i got it Well good luck! I would like to join the community!
  6. And at the end of long conversation on Discord, I figured out that @Renji and @Kyanite are the same persons. So it's all okay ^_^
  7. One of the forum RULES : If you are going to post material that is not your own, properly credit the source(s); failure to do so is considered plagiarism.
  8. Were you a Co-Owner of the server once ? If so, @Kyanite published once ago same topic as yours and he said us to delete the topic because it was hacked by his CO-Owner ? Check this thread ->
  9. What expansion ? And u have some problem with host
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