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  1. In past 2 - 3 weeks I've been porting the whole Shado Pan dungeon and creatures, successfully spawned every creature and every boss and I have finally started codding the instance. The first code was ofc the entrance event "I decided not to make it blizzlike but rather give a slightly fun/lored event" and here is the result.Maybe not a big deal for many but it is for me since I have ported spawned and codded everything myself rather then just copying from a shared patch.Here is a little video with the starting event.
  2. check out the latest changes
  3. there's a lot more to do on this website hopefully i'll get it done soon
  4. Before saying anything I want to thank this community, as cancerous as it is since i'm an active member here since 2011 i was a lot around here, i can say it made me want to learn a lot about coding, designing and everything else related and a lot of people can /vouch me for my seriousness and most of you saw my progress over the years. That it, i said it, i feel better now. Back to the subject. Title says everything but first lemme tell you the features in this -One Page layout for the homepage -Bootstrap framework used in this project -Cool block animations -Youtube video
  5. I just got bored for few minutes at university and here's the result PM me if you want the PSD files
  6. -Updated IN and OUT pages
  7. started playing with bootstrap and i kind of like it
  8. just wait to see the administration panel been working crazy on all that modules
  9. well idk if you'll find a good free one cause most of them offer limited tracks :/however i could add your banner on my topsite
  10. nice you've got to work a little bit on the SEO part starting with few h1 tags for the important notices cause it does not appear on google not even serching for the title
  11. @Madnesswaiting for your opinion too
  12. Hopefuly tomorrow 1st of january 2018, everything is done i just have to make few changes to administration panel however the UI, main design and engine is done and ready for launch
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