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  1. Does anyone rememeber old amdwow server? aka damagewow/wrathwow? RIP: https://web.archive.org/web/20120306104351/http://www.amdwow.com/ Anyone interested for a recall? Planning to revive it since I have the full knowledge to do that. If anyone is interested in participating to the project please chat with me on discord: Asandru#7561 Discord: Discord channel: https://discord.gg/qheWUc5 (Please notice that I may delay answer to you guys on discord if Im busy working on the project but Will create a channel for you and I will not ignore you) GMail: artister.hd@gmail.com I want to make a recall and come up again with the server and much better, NOT SAME content, NO MORE P2W (pay to win), people can earn vip without donation, hardworking & worthy professions, NO MORE inactive GMs and NO MORE overpowered Players, ENGLISH only server, FULL support to new players, better SYSTEM! SOCIABLE Admin & Staff.
  2. Update: - Fixed weapon not show damage properly - Fixed invetoryType for two handed weapons subclass - Moved Delay input near damage inputs Thanks [Beater(http://forum.emucraft.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=14)] for reporting the problem.
  3. Hello, I got pretty bored today so I decided to create this application which allows you to download every World of Warcraft expansion since Vanilla to Legion. If you have any issue, please report here: https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/IssueTracker/issues Official Source: https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/WoW-DownloaderDownload Exe:https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/WoW-Dow...r/releasesUpdates (11 Dec 2016): Simplified download function Downloading using only magnets Simplified code Modified interface Added legion download
  4. What is TrinityCore Spawn Creator? This program has been created in C# by me (artister.hd@gmail.com) for TrinityCore to simplify server administrators work while creating items, npcs, objects, etc. Since WoW-V is shutdown I decided to create this application and also public source for those who want to help improving the code and add features. Please report any issue or request at the official issue tracker: https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/IssueTracker Download Exe: https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/WoW-Spawn-Creator/releases Official source: https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/WoW-Spawn-Creator
  5. Hello guys, I'm trying to create a GUI app for trinitycore written in C# with some features helpful for server administrators. I just don't know how to connect to the worldserver console and execute a command / get response if successfull? I heard there is a telnet option to connect to it ra/soap. Can anybody help me with the code? Thank you
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    Hello my name is Alex and glad to see you all here
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