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  1. Developers Applications

    Hello. I am currently looking for developers to help with a 3.3.5a trinitycore server, if you know any SQL or Smartscripts or C++ and you are willing to help then add me on skype *seunox* <- My skype. I will put you in touch with the owner, I am the Owner for this server. Core: TrinityCore Positions: SQL Dev., Smart Scriptor, and C++ Dev. Server Type: Custom 255 Haste Patch: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a Here is our application format: (Note: you may use your own custom format). 1. What is your real full name? 2. Where are you located? 3. What is your local time zone (GMT)? 4. How old are you? Include your birth date. 5. What are the best methods of contacting you? Include your contact information. 6. Which languages are you fluent in? 7. Have you any experience with Trinitycore commands? 8. Have you ever been a GM in the past? 9. If the above is yes, where and how long have you been a GM for? 10.Why are you no longer a GM there? 11. What makes you think you would be a good candidate for this position? 12.Why do you want to be a Dev on Eclipse WoW? 13.What two values do you think is most important in a responsible Dev and why? 14.What qualities do you possess that can be beneficial to our server? 15.Why are you a better choice for Dev than the other applicants?
  2. Hiring WoW Developers

    Hi i currently have made a new WoW 3.3.5a Server and it is a lot of work to maintain by myself so i am looking for developers to help once server is up you will be paid