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  2. Got bored while I was playing wow one day, and decide I wanted to be max level and do all the end game stuff without having to spend months leveling and getting gear. *Private server Creation/playing begins here*
  3. Pyre

    It's Friday!

    Thank god for friday lol, I work at a warehouse shipping an receiving plane parts. Im probably gunna drink more than I should xD
  4. Damn this is nice, excellent find!
  5. Need to compile your own core aswell, wont work for repacks. Nice guide
  6. Pyre

    Help for Priest

    Just make the custom gear for priest only a bit stronger.. easier to do.
  7. Nice, love me some racing games, lol
  8. Good luck, mate
  9. Pyre

    Help me !

    bet that scared the shit out of you, the first time it happened lol.
  10. Errr, im at work right now so im not giving a 100% answer here, but if I recall correctly in you database there is a table called, instance_requireditem ? Ill be of more help when i get home
  11. Those mobs dont look like they will die. OT: just find where the mobs are in the script and copy it and replace the ones where the that arent casting it Posting the script would help also They appear in yellow because you have <GM> on.
  12. Pyre


    Im not a acweb user, SIR.
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