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  1. Wicked-WoW Private Server Haste 85 Fun WOTLK 3.3.5a Simple Introduction: Wicked-Wow is a Fun/Custom WOTLK based private server with over 10.000 custom items and quests with great realms designed to give the player an ultimate experience in the world of private servers! We are a new server ready to provide you with some memories you will never forget with our amazing new ideas in game,, GM Teams, and development team that adds new content and fixes bugs at lightning speed! Basic Information: Start Level 85. Custom Starting area, Welcome Rewards. Daily & weekly gifts Haste Cap at 5000. High Stats (You can solo everything!) Custom Mall. Custom Transmog Mall Custom Instance, Spells,Items,Weapons,Vendors..., Custom professions. Custom Gems.Enchants,Buffs....etc Custom Teleportation Stone. Custom Event ; Halloween & winter veil. World Boss. Daily Quests with good rewards. New Donation system New Voting system . ( You can spend Points in game , with out buying from website.) Custom world chat : /o VIP service. Vote Rewards. VIP Rewards. Active and Helpful GM Team(s) for more information, check our server : WEBSITE : http://www.wicked-wow.com/ Discord :https://discord.gg/QNeJ2wD screenshots: http://www.wicked-wow.com/starterarea.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/transmog.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/wintervendors.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/vendors.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/vendors2.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/mall.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/profession.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/maingear+weapons.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/santa.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/ev01.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/ev02.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/wb01.png http://www.wicked-wow.com/wb02.png
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