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  1. Sunrise – Blizzlike WOTLK Sunrise is a fresh brand new private World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Server project. We can assure that we’ve tested the game in almost its entirety before the release so that we can offer the people that join a real good blizzlike atmosphere with some extra features, when we talk about blizzlike we mean that all the content will be working similar than in the retail was but in this case with minor changes in some rates, nothing to exaggerated that would break this blizzlike feeling. Reliability and overall experience Progress, accounts, characters and everything its well secured, together the team adds more than 5 years of programming experience and gaming related jobs, we want to assure the people that joins that this is a long term project and there is nothing to be afraid, we are recently opening the server that’s why population may not be so buffed but we’ll get there with patience and confidence. Shop and P2W About the shop we would like to say that instead of pay to win or pay to save time we are more like "contribute" to save time, we must understand that this times we are living are rough and every server needs maintenance to be kept online so for this reason we offer in our shop just cosmetic elements and stuff that won't alter the game or give you no unfair advantage over any other player. Again the team of sunrise server wants to make it clear we’ll never add any P2W content. Available content All the content of 3.3.5a will be available once you reach level 80, with the exception of Ice crown citadel that’ll require the achievement of Test of the Crusade 10 man normal or 25 man normal respectively other than that everything will be available right away, so this is not a progress through the expansions kinda server, pvp content will start with furious gear obtainable through the quartermasters, we’ll introduce the arena season once people start arriving with the arena season rewards and stuff. Rates: Experience: x2 Professions: x2 Reputation: x2 Gold drop: x2   Features: -Fresh server. -RDF enabled. -World chat crossfaction enabled. -Crossfactions BGS. -Crossfactions RDF and RDFHC. -Wintergrasp fully scripted and enabled. -99% of all quest and classes work as intended (blizzlike). -Transmogrifiaction is avaible and only cost in game gold. -Double xp weekends. Diclaimer: Most of the crossfaction stuff will be avaible until the population settles in, after that we’ll make it normal again as it should but meanwhile please bear with us because we are growing. Discord: | Discord Website: | WoW Private Server - Wrath of the Lich King
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