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  1. Hey @Madness yes I totally understand that and I apologize as I am not getting my questions across properly. I understand the difference between a repack and compiling my own source that's the main reason i am attempting to compile my own. I would like to be able to add custom races mounts etc into the game. I am going to just start from scratch and try following your guide and hopefully I can compile and build successfully. My question pertaining to the repack was basically if I have a working repack on my computer can I still compile my own TrinityCore and run it completely separate fr
  2. I am very new to this so everything I do I am learning and I apologize for the noobish questions. You've quite inspired me to continue to try to get this worked out. I do have a repack I have been using to play and have the database saved in the same program that my personal compilation will be using. 2 questions 1. Could my database issues have anything to do with my repack using my same database manager as my personal TrinityCore compilation? Especially if I am using the same username and password to enter the database??? 2. Should I be deleting this repack and all applicable
  3. Hello i am very new to all of this and im having some trouble during the actual build process. I love world of warcraft and have played since launch but never knew there was such an in depth modding community and would love to learn to code C++ and manipulate my own version of Azeroth; thus my reasoning for all of this and i have done well up too this point with conquering most issues. This is the first really big wall, I am using Visual Studios 16 2019 I also do have the Visual Studio 14 2015 installed and available. My issue is at the completion of the build i get this error. 23>LINK :
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