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  1. HERE > THIS IS THE LUA SCRIPT FILE --[[ * Requested script by Llowyanr. * Chat System. * Neglected * ForumGods.com * Configuration information. This system is fairly configurable. You can edit most visual aspects of it. * chat_prefix * default: "#chat". * This is the prefix if you want to send a message.. ie, "#chat Hello, World!" would send "Hello, World!" via the system. * message_format * default: "<&rank> &name: &message * The script will replace &rank with the rank of the sender,
  2. Hello, im here because im a begginer, and i wanna ask you, how to add a lua file on your server? I downloaded a LUA World Chat File, copy it in the lua_scripts inside the core, but when i restart the world, it doesnt apply. Can somebody explain me how to do it please? Thanks in advance !
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