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  1. Well i didn't have the idea to do it xD but anyways now people are free to use it
  2. That means the selected base set health will get multiples by 5 ( *5 )
  3. I'm currently using it for my own server.
  4. Greetings everyone! I've finally managed to finish the 'Trinity Full SET Maker'. All information can be found in the program and the video down bellow will explain how to use it. This is for Wotlk ( 3.3.5 ) Credits : JadaDev VERSION 4 AVAILABLE ! 9 / 26 / 2018 VIRUSTOTAL DOWNLOAD NOW V4 (BETA) Preview ( CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL PICTURE )
  5. Already released i forgot to add links haha >>[WEBSITE]<< >>[REGISTER]<<
  6. YugoWoW was based on my old work but i've remake nearly everything and it's now a really fun server to play. I'll not talk much about it, as you better discover everything yourself when you play it. As you know advertising for server most of times means that it's a pretty low populated but i hope we growup fast. Start Level 55 Max Level 85 Vote and Donor points for been active ingame 10000 Custom Items Custom Gems Custom Mounts All Races & All Classes is Enabled Custom Dungeons Custom regular and Mini Teleporter Transmogrify Custom Command VIP System Special Commands for stuck or combat bug Custom Mounts ( speed ) All Regular items reworked New Class Spells 50 + Spells reworked Balanced Classes Custom World Bosses Custom way of gearing UP 1v1 Arena PVP gear Best gear isn't ( donor ) so it's not a P2W server Donations will always be for the server Much more news coming soon I want to talk about donations, actually all donations will go either to the server by donating following the rules on our discord else donating on website will go for our webhost, and just to note that my country disallow us to have a paypal nor anyway of international payments ... so yeah i'm not here to earn money out from people, i'm here only to public a server that everyone could enjoy i wish i can do more better work. This is our Discord : https://discord.gg/HXbe9Wb
  7. Meh just wanted to say there is better way to update : UPDATE Item_template SET Itemlevel = 700 WHERE name LIKE'%Wrathful%' And StatsCount BETWEEN 1 AND 10 And Quality = 4; This Query will change itemlevel for only wrathful items to 700 depending on : item name and that items has stats ( not a token ) and it's quality ( epic ) I know it's old just wanted to point
  8. Thanks for your kind words, still working on it to improve what needs and actually next version will have better look and new columns ( flags, flagsextra etc... )
  9. The title says it all i would like to see Inactive section since posted in support were made in 2016 but they still there i would answer them tho i assume they figured out how to fix..
  10. CURRENT VERSION 2.0 Armor Creator is Auto-Updated Now! TOTAL DOWNLOADS : 197 -- Updated 4/27/2018 Greetings everyone, been long time since i released something.. so in the past few days i was thinking to finish an already "Idea" that i got, which is the 'Armor Creator' as i've seen a lot of items creator around but you need to fill x 40 boxes at least and sometimes it is outdated and could rip your DB.. well i decided to open this project since i got a lot of free time specially this days / months and well i'll not stop here and i'll try to work more on the code and make it better and better and important which is easy to use with few click. As before giving you any information the design is simple as it is since i didn't find a designer, so if you're a designer please feel free to contact me ( the project isn't going to stop here ). Armor Creator is also made by VB.NET Information about the Armor Creator By using Armor Creator you will be able to create a full set in few minutes. Easy Manage. Not complicated to use. Most of needed columns available. No need to know the ID's or any other information. Item name could be eaisly colored. Random DisplayID finder (Offline). Advanced Offline DisplayID finder. Enabling/Disabling Stats. Item Preview. Advanced Mode. Guessing DisplayID(Advanced Mode) ExtendedCost Lookup (Offline) Full SQL Code Preview. Copying SQL. Generate SQL file with the output query. Directly Database Inserting. Edit Items directly from your database. REPLACE Item Directly to your database. UPDATE Items directly to your database. Database information can be saved and reset. Checking database connection. Every log will be saved so you could later check what you've done. New form SQL. You can now insert / delete / update / replace any use most mysql commands directly using SQL. Search items by name and by entry. Paypal form is updated. Auto Updater. Item.DBC Creator + Patch Steps Creator. Logs Managment. Settings Added. Limitation for values. Currently Working on Next Version Credits : JadaDev : Coding everything related to the application. DarkSoke : UI Design. Tok124 : Online Finder. Images Album CLICK HERE Screenshots : Watch Video [V1.1] :
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