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  1. Awesome as shit. Complex but easy... Gj as fuck
  2. Well, wat? Please tell us what name of emulator is that you use, and which revision/version. Thank you.
  3. Hello, this happend after you wanted to join wintegrasp or this will show after you join the fight and then you are kicked out?
  4. Ye link does not work anymore, @Madnessshould fix it
  5. Hello, I will be more grumpy... This is not a type of ad what I would apply for. Please provide more details about your sever, your ideas and tell to possible candidates more about your project, before they will contact you GL HF!
  6. If he use his brain, he can use it also as template. There is only one thing needed. Brain and patience. I won't be rude, but even Truice is for dummies.
  7. I just made this for you Kyanite :-) Its for Items, but you can use it for NPCs as well, just use head.
  8. Step 1 - Downloading truice Firstly, there are two ways you can add items, directly through your database, or using a handy piece of software called truice. This guide will be explaining how to use truice to add an item to your server. Therefore, you'll need to download the software, you can accomplish this step here: http://code.google.com/p/truice/ Step 2- Connecting truice. Now you have truice installed you will need to connect it to your database, open the software and enter your information to connect to your database. Once you've logged in you should see something like this: If we've got this far that's good. Step 3 - Getting to the correct section of truice. You'll need to hit the 'Item' tab on the nav bar within truice. Truice can be used to create tonnes of custom things for your database, however this guide will be focusing on the item creation. Once here, you have the option of completely creating a new item, new entry, display ID etc or recustomising a current item. Now, what's the difference you ask? Firstly, if you create a completely new item using a new entry ID you'll need to have a custom patch to be able to see the display ID correctly or players will see a red ?. If you recustomise an existing item, you won't need to create that. Personally, I recommend finding unused items and customising them to whatever you like, atleast then you won't get any issues and won't need a custom patch! This guide will focus on re-customisation of items. Step 4 - Finding an unused item. Head over to http://wotlk.openwow.com/ and lookup an item. For this guide, I'm going to take 'Crystal Infused Bandage'. Once you've got your item go back into truice and paste the name into the 'Search' tab. Step 5 - Editing your item. Now, double click the search and you'll open a scary looking tab, trust me it's really easy when you're used to what each one does! Now, the majority of the tabs on this page are quite self-explanatory, Required Level, Allowable Race etc and a lot of them have [...] next to them which will explain exactly what you want to change. Step 6 - Hard customize! So now, you can customise basically everything about this item and you'll still have a working display ID (no red question marks). (Read step 3 as to why) See the image below for a little guide on the harder to understand sections. 1- The entry ID is what you type to add the item in-game. .add item _____ 2- The display ID is the little icon shown when you see your item in your bag. 3- The class outlines what type of item it is, consumable / container etc. 4- The quality is green/blue/purple/legendary etc. 5- This is self-explanatory, use the [...] for further detail. 6- This is self-explanatory, use the [...] for further detail. 7- The name of your item. 8- Some items have quotes in yellow at the bottom of them, this is how you make that. 9- This is how many stats your item will display. 10- How many of this item you can successfully stack. 11- If this item is part of a set, you can add it here. 12- How this item binds to you, use the [...] 13- Stats on the item, and how much of each stat (entire table). Final step - Adding your item. Now you've got your new item, head to the script tab and copy everything shown. Then, open your SQL software (I recommend HeidiSQL) and go to your world db. Now, open a new query by clicking the icon highlighted above, and paste all of the script in there. Then run this query by clicking the Blue Triangle. Restart your worldserver, clear your WoW cache, and login. Try entering your item, you've done it!
  9. Try this dude. It's for newbies. Or try Triuce.
  10. Okay. I am closing topic then.
  11. To make you correct, I will explain to you how this authserver works. For example, there is line with database login. LoginDatabaseInfo = "hostname;port;username;password;database" So, you have to use your OWN login. Suppose you have login name "root" and password "1234" line should looks like this LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306,root;1234;auth" Offcourse we predict that, you are running on localhost, with port 3306 and DB named auth. I guess, your user is for all databases, so setup into this config user which you created in the installation proces when you installed mysql. I guess I see where you did a mistake .. you confused ; with : ... remember -> ; ==! : I hope it helps.
  12. In log isnt anything special. Simply, you have wrong login, in your auth.
  13. No problem. If ynything needed, just let us know
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