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  1. Thank you guys for all the positive comments. We've worked hard with this project, remember you'r all warmly welcome to test Dreamstate
  2. Hi Cyberpro98. Thanks for sharing this script! Is there anyway to convert this into 1.12.1 CMangos? Best regards
  3. Cheers Madness! :-D Edit: Forgot to say thank you! and you are very welcome my friend, hope your having a good day !!
  4. Hard effort gives results!
  5. Thank you my friend! Already found one. Cheers
  6. Hi WoWBB community! I would like to ask for a Crossfaction BG - 1.12.1 CMangos - Script If it's possible to make, please private message me so we can discuss a price and some more information, or add me at skype: Markus.rudqvist
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