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  1. how would that help ? xD... i want you to finish a quest line basically and then return but its been revamped sort of... new npcs and suchs
  2. ello there, I just wanted to ask if there is anyone out there that knows how to make a npc show up in a different phase, and then also send the player into that phase...Here is what i mean, I got a zone with mobs and bosses, I want you to be able to get into a new phase because i want you to get back here but with new mobs and such (so you need to do the first part in order to continue).Is their a way to do that? (DB vise) Im not asking to mess with the core / scripts.. I meant just via DB. It should be possible but im just not entirely sure how it works. im trying to cast a player & Npcs into a different Phase, and in that phase i can put new npcs. (DB vise) not within the Core. Since the core is so old, i cannot recompile it.What I think, it has to do with the "Smart_scripts" DB with the "event_phase_mask" about SMART_ACTION_INC_PHASE & SMART_ACTION_SET_PHASE 1. But not sure how it worksIf anyone knows Please let me know.TrinityCore 335.52 ------ OLD CORE EDIT: SOLVED IN OTHER WAY
  3. thank you madness, the maill itself i made in about 1 day. but I have put alot of time in the server vise xD, And We have most of our zones in a custom map.
  4. I'm just showing you what i created in WoW, The Mall we are using for our mall... Only On BlastWoW - Music in it too also check out my server if you want: blastwow.sytes.net
  5. Hello everyone, its been a while since last.. I just wanted to release a LUA script i found quite some time ago, and then i got it remade by a friend of mine, then i edited it as well. Feel free to use it: -- Remade by Jahler -- Edited by Chyssler -- READ: Make sure to have the Flag "1" on the Creature in order to work local NPC_ID = NPCID -- Id of your Creature local TOKEN_ID_1 = ID -- Item ID of your item you want to gamble local TOKEN_ID_2 = ID -- Item ID of your item you want to gamble local TOKEN_ID_3 = ID -- Item ID of your item you want to gamble local TOKEN_ID_4 = ID -- Item ID of your item you want to gamble local TOKEN_ID_5 = ID -- Item ID of your item you want to gamble local TOKEN_ID_6 = ID -- Item ID of your item you want to gamble function Gambler_Gossip(event, plr, unit) plr:GossipMenuAddItem(3, "You ready to gamble?, "..plr:GetName().."? Choose a token type and choose the amount of tokens to gamble!", 0, 1) plr:GossipMenuAddItem(6, "NAME", 0, TOKEN_ID_1, true, "Enter amount to Gamble!") plr:GossipMenuAddItem(6, "NAME", 0, TOKEN_ID_2, true, "Enter amount to Gamble!") plr:GossipMenuAddItem(6, "NAME", 0, TOKEN_ID_3, true, "Enter amount to Gamble!") plr:GossipMenuAddItem(6, "NAME", 0, TOKEN_ID_4, true, "Enter amount to Gamble!") plr:GossipMenuAddItem(6, "NAME", 0, TOKEN_ID_5, true, "Enter amount to Gamble!") plr:GossipMenuAddItem(6, "NAME", 0, TOKEN_ID_6, true, "Enter amount to Gamble!") plr:GossipMenuAddItem(0, "Nevermind", 0, 2) plr:GossipSendMenu(1, unit) end function Gambler_Event(event, plr, unit, sender, intid, code) local chance = math.random(1,2) -- This'll give you a 50% chance to win. set to 1,5 and it will be 20% if(intid == TOKEN_ID_1 or intid == TOKEN_ID_2 or intid == TOKEN_ID_3 or intid == TOKEN_ID_4 or intid == TOKEN_ID_5 or intid == TOKEN_ID_6) then Do_Gamble(plr, unit, intid, code, chance) end plr:GossipComplete() end function Do_Gamble(plr, unit, intid, code, chance) if (tonumber(code)) then -- Check if player actually specified an amount in numbers if(plr:GetItemCount(intid) < tonumber(code)) then plr:SendBroadcastMessage("|cFFFFFF9F"..unit:GetName().." says: You do not have "..tonumber(code).." tokens!") else if(chance == 1) then plr:SendBroadcastMessage("|cFFFFFF9F"..unit:GetName().." says: Congratulations! You won "..math.ceil(code*1.0).." Tokens!") plr:AddItem(intid, math.ceil(tonumber(code)*1.0)) -- this Gives you 1x more, Double of what you paid. Increase to 2.0 for 2x more else plr:SendBroadcastMessage("|cFFFFFF9F"..unit:GetName().." says: Too bad "..plr:GetName()..", better luck next time!") plr:RemoveItem(intid, tonumber(code)) end end else plr:SendBroadcastMessage("|cFFFFFF9F"..unit:GetName().." says: You need to use numbers, not letters.") end end RegisterCreatureGossipEvent(NPC_ID, 1, Gambler_Gossip) RegisterCreatureGossipEvent(NPC_ID, 2, Gambler_Event)
  6. I quited wow emulation and started again just 2 months later. I Love to create stuff. I also played Elder scrolls online. And i liked that concept. So i thought of having a rpg style of a wow server. Check my other topic.
  7. Just Pointing Out, This Server is Dead. I didn't want to continue on Wow Emulation, so i gave it to a gm of mine ive had for 3 years. he couldnt pay the host 2nd month. so it couldnt be up. But i didnt had any plans on returning anyway... But after playing alot of other RPG style mmorpg I wanted to bring that kind a thing into a wow server. So check my new Server on the new topic about CrystalWoW
  8. Hello Everyone I'm the current Owner of the Server Called CrystalWoW. This Server is In Alpha State Right now, but you can still join and login on the server. This realm will be a RPG STYLE Server, Which means that you will be able to explore areas, Find Quests, Kill Monsters, Crafting And such. The Way it works is like: - You could Quest your way by the Custom Story Line to get gear Or find Random Quests scattered around - You can kill Monsters & Get Better or Worse Drops (Gears etc) - Do Professions (450 Instant in all professions) And you can buy and Craft Custom Made "Plans" Like the Picture Down Below Custom Maps (Self Made Maps By me) Only = No Ingame Zones / instances Will be ingame, Only Custom Maps. Nothing above Woltk Client is Used (Only things within Vanilla-Woltk) Since this is a Alpha Build, it doesn't have a lot of content to work with, there is a couple of quests & Mobs to kill for sure, And A lot to Explore Also, Every 30 Minutes you play ingame, you will receive 1 Vote Point. Doesn't Counts if your AFK Some Scripts Which are used ingame right now & Not used - Transmogrifier (USED) - World Chat (USED) - Profession NPC (USED) - Gambler NPC (USED) - Race/Faction/Name/Appearance Changer NPC (USED) - Duel Reset (Gets full hp when Duel ends) (USED) - Naked bugg (USED) - Login Announce & Log out (USED) Starter Zone Look: https://imgur.com/a/VzrGvb1 https://imgur.com/a/PkJHAZK Some Other Images of the Zones Randomly: https://imgur.com/a/yKY28BF https://imgur.com/a/nTVHa2C https://imgur.com/a/74PWE3T https://imgur.com/a/NNekT35 Alright That's a little taste of it... Here is the website for CrystalWoW: http://crystal-wow.sytes.net The Patch is Very Small, So Don't Worry Discord Is on the "news" on the website, if you want to join the server, make sure to join the discord chat, you will see All the new Updates i Do.
  9. you obviously missed or deleted something wrong in the dbc, when you removed the lines
  10. Nice Jada, Looks good. Btw when the Health is 5 does it means that the item will have 5 health on it ?
  11. a little overview of 87, some stuff Check Topic
  12. Hey, Yes indeed, we put alot of work into this, (me and my dev). The Population is both up and down, and now due to our 1 month rollback it aint gonna be better xD.. but we go on, this realm is still in beta progress, and may release in july.
  13. Thanks, Yes it does indeed. Added additional Video of showing some zones.
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