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  1. New Moderator :)

    damn, been a while since i last was on, sorry for that... however, Congrats Cyber :)... Happy to have u on the staff aswell
  2. Wow Ingame 335, You dont know that language

    hehe forgot to solve this one, but the problem was that i was using to old World database, i updated the world.db then it worked xD
  3. Happy Birthday Chyssler! 



  4. First of all, when i log into my server, i get this "You cannot speak that Language" but then im using the Macro wich fixes it, But i get another one called " You dont know that language " now instead. Any clues of what im missing ?...http://imgur.com/a/gKdrpapparently its something in the database im sure, wich needs to be edited somewhere, its been like 1.5 year ago since i last touched thoose things, ive not the biggest memmory xD.Help would be appreciated Thanks- - - Updated - - -I really need this, otherwise i cannot do anything on my server, since im unable to write, wich means i cannot add npcs or items or such from ingame
  5. Count to 100,000!

  6. Count to 100,000!

  7. my bad custom map haha xD 335

    Hi, just since its a general chat, i just wanted to show a small clip of a bad zone i made for my server haha... idk why.. just curious xD its a 335 funserver xD
  8. Selling Server TBC

    Wish you best of luck mate, im sorry to hear that u need to sell it, but everyone has their limits :P.. again wish u the best.
  9. Issues with host - RESOLVED

    great that its back madness:), its been a while srry for that
  10. maybe should be using some screens ingame or something in the video. just thought of it. otherwise looks good. good luck
  11. Hello Everyone, just wanna show how to find Display Ids of an item etc, Since Wowhead has removed the display id from their normal way to find it by inspect the item. There is another way to find the display id and thats what imma about to show. Ok so, first of all you wanna get to know 1 item, for me etc it will be :http://www.wowhead.com/item=34337/golden-staff-of-the-sindorei Ok Now, you gotta remove the " /golden-staff-of-the-sindorei " from the link and add " &xml " at the end so it looks like this : http://www.wowhead.com/item=34337&xml In there, you will be able to see the display id. you probably already know that, but some ppl might not xD