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  1. * Our website is still being worked on, and is nearly done! Release Date: TO BE ANNOUNCED Our temporary host for the development
  2. - Source is based on TrinityCore - - Mists Of Pandaria, Patch 5.4 - - Rbac is fully removed, so you can use regular command table - - Working Battlegrounds and Arena's - - Working Quests, Dungeons and Raids - - Monk class working, pandaren race working - - Dungeon finder / bg finder works - - Pet battles working partially (Not Player vs Player pet battles ) - - Battle Fatigue, Resilience, PvP Power fully working as intended - - Stable, no crashes - vehicles work etc - Dungeons Gate Setting Sun - Fully working 100% Mogushan Palace - Fully working 100% Shadopan Monastery - Fully working 100% Siege Niuzao Temple - Fully working 100% Stormstout Brewery - Fully working 100% Temple of Jade Serpent - Fully working 100% Raids Mogu'Shan Vaults working 100% 6/6 Terrace of Endless Springs working 100% 4/4 Throne of Thunder working 5/12 bosses - Guarranteed best legit source for sale on the market - Contact me via PM, testing is possible! SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY - This source comes with a full commit log, database, and data (vmaps, mmaps, dbc, maps etc) and client. - Fully premade vendors will be added if requested, gear vendor gems materials transmog and more! - Any custom scripts that you wish to be added let me know, if you are interrested in purchasing any scripts seperately, contact me via PM.(Pve, custom, spell fixes, bla bla) If you wish to test live, or see video proof let me know !: -
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