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Found 1 result

  1. How to fix the "?" problem in 3.3.5 Disclaimer: In the event of any problems or errors occurring to your world of Warcraft client, I take no responsibility. With that being said the way to fix the custom "?" error should not mess up your client if you follow the steps correctly. First thing is first, you need the below programs to follow this guide. MPQ Editor: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Programming/File-Editors/Ladik-s-MPQ-Editor.shtml DBCutil: http://filebeam.com/9b4084742b34331ede92118722058867 Notepad++: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.7.4.html --STEP 1-- Find your DBC folder, it may be in your build's release folder. (Mine is in my world of Warcraft directory). Once you have opened that folder scroll down until you find Item.dbc When you find it right click and click copy to desktop. --STEP 2-- Open up your Database. (I use HeidiSQL) Click on your world DB and go to your query table, Copy and paste this there... SELECT entry, class, subclass, SoundOverrideSubclass, Material, displayId, InventoryType, Sheath FROM item_template WHERE entry >= 45918; Go down to the bottom and right click on one of the rows, click Export grid rows. You will then see a window that looks just like this... Make sure your settings are the same as mine! Ok, you should now have 2 files on your desktop.. Item.dbc and item.csv ok open your DBCutil folder, and drag your Item.dbc file onto your DBCutil.exe, this should make a file on your desktop called Item.dbc.csv. (you can now delete item.dbc from your dekstop.) Right click each of the files and click open with Notepad++, ok now go to ITEM.CSV NOT ITEM.DBC.CSV. Now find all the item ids of your custom gear. (I believe for the first time you make a patch you can just select and copy all of it. You will not be able to copy everything the second time you do this, You will get an error!). Once you have copied all of your items out of Item.csv, Paste them at the bottom of your item.dbc.csv, You must leave on space at the end of the Item.dbc.csv file! Now save your Item.dbc.csv, and drag it back ontop of DBCutil.exe, this should turn it back into a .dbc file. once you have done that drag your dbc file you just made and drop into your world of Warcraft > DBC folder. DO NOT REPLACE YOUR OLD ONE! Simply change the name of your old item.dbc to item1.dbc or something, Keep it as a backup. --STEP 3-- Now time to make the patch. Go and open the MPQeditor.exe. Click MPQs and then new MPQ. A window should then pop up, click on the three dots to the right and navigate it to you world of Warcraft > data folder. and type in for the file name.. patch-5.MPQ. Click save. then Next > Next > Next > Finish. now right click in the right window below attributes, and click new folder. Name the folder DBFilesClient Exactly like that Go into that folder, and then go to the top and select Files > Add Files Now Navigate to your dbc folder and click on your item.dbc and then click open. and now close out of MPQeditor, no need to save or anything just hit X. Now start up your server and you should be seeing item images instead of the red "?". If you have any errors or are confused on any part in this tutorial, feel free to PM me or leave a reply here.
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