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Found 12 results

  1. I present to you, Titans-League!(Yes i know, first wow site in VueJs? woah, the speed! (fukka you fusioncms))If you enjoy customization as much as me, your gonna love this server. Here, we rock your foundation within the first seconds with some amazing introduction animation sequences, as well as a custom storyline.But most importantly, here you build your own gear from scratch. And this is not some shitty system that create duplicate items, nono. Developed with lots of love, care and passion, we present to you the most complex item customization system that also includes a custom profession Spell Crafting.What you can customize on your items: Name. Quality. Display. Stats. And with the new Spell Crafting profession, you can even craft your own equip/chance on hit effects to apply to your items. Check out our players at our armory, It also loads the custom stats you choose!Here is a video showing some aspects of the upgrade system Here is a video showing some aspects of the Player House System We also introduce new custom battlegrounds: 2v2 Deathmatch, and a fully functional Battle Royale!Its worth noting that all our battlegrounds use your total item upgrade level to find opponents, so youll always fight against fair opponents. But the battle royale you have to find gear, so upgrade level doesnt matter. All your items are temporarily taken out of storage, until the match is over.We also have tons of custom events:Zombie Deathmatch, Mario Kart Racing, Fall Event, Mini Battle Royale & king of the hill.You can check out more videos on my youtube channel there, or you can come check out all the stuff before we go live the 16th of november.Other stuff includes: Player House System WHICH IS ROLE BASED , duel betting where you can bet your character in a duel. Thats right, winner gets the losers character. You up for that? I bet my character you are not.I could go on all day with content, but its better you come see for yourself!So if your into custom stuff, be sure to check out https://titans-league.org!
  2. [RELEASE] Hellfire Raid from PTR To 3.3.5a While making documentation for my ADT Downporter, I did this map as a test to figure out what needed to be fixed and updated in my systems, so for anyone that cares, I had to update both the ADT and WMO porting scripts, that said the 0.003 wmo script won't be able to port this raid wmo. My previous patch for the Tanaam Jungle is required for this map to work and not throw you an Error. Same directions as before, Download the patch, Put it into your Data folder, go ingame, set GM Mode On just incase, and use the Port Coords below: TrinityCore Port Command: .go xyz 4068 -1999 31 582 --Used Map ID 582(Transport176244) Download Link: â™ Hellfire Raid(326MB): http://codesplode.com/Wow335_Hellfir...TR/patch-K.MPQ â™ Tanaam Jungle(required for the raid to work): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL8ftQt1QlY It works in Noggit too, it is listed as: PICTURE TIME!!! In Noggit: Credit to kronixusa
  3. Use this guide on how to install Boost for Windows: CLICK HERE I make this tutorial since the tutorials I've found is outdated and dosen't really work now, so I decided to make a new one that I'll keep updated. 1. Getting the required programs You will need to prepare all the programs before you even thinking of compiling. Here a download link with all the programs. I took some time and made a ZIP file with all the programs required. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (586.6MB) 2. Getting the source Of course, you need a source of TrinityCore before you can compile it. To get it there is 2 ways,but we are going to focus on the best one. Open up Git Extentions Choose your language, I recommend using English since this tutorial is in english. Close the first window that will pop up, a new one will appear right after At the links at the left side, press "Clone Repository" Fill out the following data: Repository to clone: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.gitDesination: C:\TrinitySubdirectory to create: SourceBranch: 3.3.5Repository Type: Personal Repository Now, hit Clone and let it get the repository for you All done so far. You are now getting the source of TrinityCore's 3.3.5a. Later on I willmake a guide on how to make a 6.1.2 Server. 3. Cmake Now we are going to build the source we just downloaded. Open up Cmake Fill out the following data: Where is the source code: C:\Trinity\SourceWhere to build the binaries: C:\Trinity\Build Press Configure Locate "Visual Studio 12 2013" in the dropdown list Now select eh option "Use Default Native Compilers (default) Press Finish then let it load When it is finished, there is a bunch of check boxes in the field that was emty, add the checkbox "TOOLS" Press "Generate" 4. Compiling the server Now,we can finally compile the server itself. This part will take some time and slow down your PC, VPS, Dedicated Server w/e. So playing games and such while doing this will not work. Ecept maybe Playing PacMan, but what do I know... Open up the build folder located in C:\Trinity\ Open up the file "TrinityCore.sln At the top navbar of Visual Studio 2013, hit "BUILD" and then "Build Sulotion" Now, let it load for a while. Go and shop some food, drink some water, milk w/e because this willlsow down your PC and take time. Once it's done, go to the folder "bin" in the build folder, then "Release" and there is your server! Now what you need to do is get the right databases. There is tutorials around the web on how you get the databases. Credit to Djundead
  4. Website / Registration playdarkmoon.com Forums forum.playdarkmoon.com Facebook: facebook.com/wowdarkmoon Experience: x25 Honor: x15 Drop: x15 Gold: x5 Arena Points Flush: 3 days Instance bind reset: 3 days Reputation: x10 Transmogs: enabled Arena Spectator: enabled Solo Queue 3v3: enabled Dungeon Finder: enabled Arena Crystals: enabled Teleporter: enabled MMaps, VMaps: enabled Auto-Learn skills on level-up: enabled What's more: Completely revamped level 80 zone with daily and weekly quests, four scripted bosses and a lot of mysterious riddles, Smart Respawn System - monsters respawn time proportional to the amount of players in a zone, Massive Events - every weekend, such a fun! Battleground & arena rankings with seasonal, unique rewards. Weekly PvP and PvE challenges Every instance is fully scripted and working, but they will be released progressively - one after another. When the server launches we'll open all raids from Vanilla up to Ulduar. Further content will be unlocked after the first clear of the end-game raid.This approach allows veterans to relive their favourite moments and gives an opportunity to new players to face the most exciting encounters of the expansion. Arena and Battleground seasons will progress equally to PvE. Darkmoon is big, Polish server coming to the EU World of Warcaft scene. Our biggest assets are professional staff and strong community. Our team consists of skilled developers and great gamemasters.We aim for the top gameplay experience, becoming the server crafted for players needs. No more lags, crashes, bugs and boredom.Server launches on 22nd April 2016, 16:00 UTC. After creating an account, you'll get notified by e-mail 24 hours before the start. We also encourage to follow our Facebook to stay in touch!
  5. -------------------------- Undying-WoW would like to welcome you through our doors, so that you can get your new years reward, which is free wrathful! We offer a different kind of PvP realm, we have all of the Arena Systems such as Arena Spectator, 1v1 Rated Arena, Daily Events & Bosses, Legion/WOD/MOP/Cata Mounts and much much more! Undying is always open for suggestions on how to improve the realm, how we can make the server a better place for everyone, we care about our community. -------------------------- [ -------------------------- Undying WoW - 3.3.5a Fun PvP Instant 80 Realm Website : Undying-WoW - Fun PvP Realm Connect : Undying-WoW - Connection Guide Forum : Undying-WoW - Private Server Forums
  6. Hello everyone, I recently learned how to compile and run private servers using Jeuties Blizzlike Repack (3.3.5a) and I noticed that some mobs in starting areas are set to Neutral, where their name shows up as Yellow, even after accepting some quests. An example being the Frostmane Troll Whelp clan in Dun Morough. I went into the database via HeidiSQL, found the creature settings and saw that this faction is shown with a factionID of 14. Which to my understanding is that they are set to be hostile automatically and will attack when a player enters it's aggro radius. Is this a known issue with Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack? Is it fixable? This issue makes certain quests in starting areas very easy, especially gathering quests where the monsters, should be agressive... I'm guessing. I'll try to provide screen shots later as I am running one computer in one room as the local server, and my other as the game client. T.I.A.!
  7. Pure's Blizzlike Repack Based on AscEmulator for 3.3.5a Client _______________________________________ This Repack includes the following: Worldserver Logonserver BatRestarter Database Installer Configs DLLs Extractors _______________________________________ Instructions and more: Installation Instructions: This works on on any higher Microsoft Windows Version then XP Make sure you have at last up to 20GB Free HDD/SSD Space on your Disk. Download the Repack and the dbc, maps, vmaps from the Downloadsection. Once you have Downloaded the installer.exe, open it up and extract the containing files to your prefered location on your System (Need to Create a Folder first and install it into this Folder). (key for the installer and data is ac-web-repack) Follow the README FOR GOOD.txt for the correct Setup. Set as installationpath at installing the data-installer.exe to your main Repack folder. Download Section: Click here to download the Repack installer. (18 MByte) ( OPTIONAL )Click here to download the dbc, maps and vmaps if you dont want to extract them yourself. (515 MByte) if you have issues while extracting, try to install the 32 or 64 bit version of 7-zip. _______________________________________ Changelog and BugTracker: Changelog: Click here to view the Commits Some Highlights: - Random Dungeonfinder - mmaps - GameEventMgr (all old ArcEmu sql data are ported) Bug reports: Click here to Add a new Issue on AscEmu Github (require account there) Please Report every Bug you can find to ensure its going to be fixed by time. _______________________________________ Credits and End: This is not a OneClick Repack. ArcEmu - For the Core Base AscEmu Team - For the good work Pure
  8. How to fix the "?" problem in 3.3.5 Disclaimer: In the event of any problems or errors occurring to your world of Warcraft client, I take no responsibility. With that being said the way to fix the custom "?" error should not mess up your client if you follow the steps correctly. First thing is first, you need the below programs to follow this guide. MPQ Editor: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Programming/File-Editors/Ladik-s-MPQ-Editor.shtml DBCutil: http://filebeam.com/9b4084742b34331ede92118722058867 Notepad++: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.7.4.html --STEP 1-- Find your DBC folder, it may be in your build's release folder. (Mine is in my world of Warcraft directory). Once you have opened that folder scroll down until you find Item.dbc When you find it right click and click copy to desktop. --STEP 2-- Open up your Database. (I use HeidiSQL) Click on your world DB and go to your query table, Copy and paste this there... SELECT entry, class, subclass, SoundOverrideSubclass, Material, displayId, InventoryType, Sheath FROM item_template WHERE entry >= 45918; Go down to the bottom and right click on one of the rows, click Export grid rows. You will then see a window that looks just like this... Make sure your settings are the same as mine! Ok, you should now have 2 files on your desktop.. Item.dbc and item.csv ok open your DBCutil folder, and drag your Item.dbc file onto your DBCutil.exe, this should make a file on your desktop called Item.dbc.csv. (you can now delete item.dbc from your dekstop.) Right click each of the files and click open with Notepad++, ok now go to ITEM.CSV NOT ITEM.DBC.CSV. Now find all the item ids of your custom gear. (I believe for the first time you make a patch you can just select and copy all of it. You will not be able to copy everything the second time you do this, You will get an error!). Once you have copied all of your items out of Item.csv, Paste them at the bottom of your item.dbc.csv, You must leave on space at the end of the Item.dbc.csv file! Now save your Item.dbc.csv, and drag it back ontop of DBCutil.exe, this should turn it back into a .dbc file. once you have done that drag your dbc file you just made and drop into your world of Warcraft > DBC folder. DO NOT REPLACE YOUR OLD ONE! Simply change the name of your old item.dbc to item1.dbc or something, Keep it as a backup. --STEP 3-- Now time to make the patch. Go and open the MPQeditor.exe. Click MPQs and then new MPQ. A window should then pop up, click on the three dots to the right and navigate it to you world of Warcraft > data folder. and type in for the file name.. patch-5.MPQ. Click save. then Next > Next > Next > Finish. now right click in the right window below attributes, and click new folder. Name the folder DBFilesClient Exactly like that Go into that folder, and then go to the top and select Files > Add Files Now Navigate to your dbc folder and click on your item.dbc and then click open. and now close out of MPQeditor, no need to save or anything just hit X. Now start up your server and you should be seeing item images instead of the red "?". If you have any errors or are confused on any part in this tutorial, feel free to PM me or leave a reply here.
  9. Hi, we just started a new server 3.3.5a Blizzlike for leveling with a custom end game. Lag-free realm running on trinity fresh compiled. There is : - Custom Instance - Custom Dungeon - Custom Stuff - Good Staff - Great Dev ( And Still looking for another C++ Dev ) - Pvp - Pvp Zone - Farming Zone ( Hard Farming Zone ) - World Boss ( Don't try it alone...if you wanna survive ) - No teleporter We should start adding customs instances/stuff/dungeon when the first player of the server will hit lvl 50 There is no Pay to win like a lot of Wow server. You donate if you like it or you don't Come and try it, i'm sure you enjoy it ! Meretrix-Staff
  10. Menethil WoW is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players. [NEW] .::Menethil 3.3.5a Server::. Menethil WoW is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players. -Realm (Menethil) -Status: ONLINE! -Server Auction House 17000+ items -Dungeos Working. -Bg's Working. -New server!Low comunity!Blizzlike! -Friendly Staff. -Maximum working PvP and PvE content. -No custom donator items. -All classes/Quest work. -Spanish/English Support. -No wipes/rollbacks. .::Server Rates::. -Rate.Drop.Money = 1 -Rate.XP.Kill = 1 -Rate.XP.PetKill = 1 -Rate.XP.Quest = 1 -Rate.XP.Explore = 1 -Rate.Rest.InGame = 1 -Rate.Rest.Offline.InTavernOrCity = 1 -Rate.Rest.Offline.InWilderness = 1 -Death.Ghost.RunSpeed.World = 1 .::Server::. -Stable server -Server Antiddos -Massive Uptime -No Lag! -Last Updates. .::Website::. - www.Menethil-wow.com - www.Menethil-wow.com/forums
  11. Launch was a great success! Emerald-WoW 3.3.5a Development Project Join us Here: http://emerald-wow.servegame.com/ All players will be given 200 Web/Vote Points, and 100G per character they create after to use after launch. Realm first achievements are given to those who reach 80 First. We offer the following stats and content. Name: Blackrock: Midrate X18 3.3.5a Gold and Experience rates X18, all other rates are X1 100% Pure Blizzlike No custom Content. 99% of Quests are working 99% of NPC are working 99% of Spells and Talents are working 99% fixed Class spells. Fully working Wintergrasp. Fully working Dungeon Finder. Fully working Dungeons and Raids for Classic/Burning Crusade/Wrath of The Lich King. All Dungeons and Raids work 95% 24/7 Uptime. No Lag. 100MBPS Connection speed. Professionaly Managed and Maintained. Friendly staff! Friendly Community! Our Contact and Registration information Website: http://Emerald-wow.servegame.com Realmlist: set Realmlist Emerald-WoW.servegame.com Email: Emerald-WoW@hotmail.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.....T8tRDyeWraX04Q Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmeraldWoW Facebook: https://www.facebook/EmeraldWoW
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