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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Guys! I have a problem with mmaps tool. I was trying to create mmaps files. Previously extracted the map and vmaps files. But the custom map will not allow me to extract the mmaps. Does anyway know how to extract the custom mmaps? I put a link to the tool => Mmaps In vmaps and maps tool, you can edit to allow custom MPQ´s. Thanks and regards!
  2. We are celebrating our opening of our Chromium WoW 2.4.3 Server! Over 1000 custom items Over 200 Custom quests Over 200 Vendors Custom Instances Custom Creatures ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teleporter Heal NPC Transmogrification Top Killers Tiers from - T1 to T9 ( Including and DONOR SET ) KillStreak System VIP ACCESS VIP Chats Custom Commands And a lot of more things! ****WE'LL START TO CREATE AND PROJECT 335a **** Come and play with us today! http://chromium-wow.com/
  3. Website The server is a semi-blizzlike server. Features custom and blizzlike coexisting with each other. Features: -Leveling 1-60, - Set XP Rate 1-10 (.rate xp ), - 1v1 Arenas Test your skills against other players, - Custom Lore-Friendly Instances and Quests, (Stormwind Vaults and etc.) - Upcoming Naxxramas to be scaled down to 60, - Onyxia's Lair Scaled Down, - Transmogification & Reforging, - Custom Non-OP Items (This will feature a Custom Ashbringer Questline), - Never Pay-To-Win, - Limited to TCG Items only on Store, - Scripted Content, - Cross-Faction Interaction [For Limited Time], - TBC and WOTLK Content Disabled - 24/7 Uptime, - Friendly Dedicated Staff! The server is in an Open Beta.
  4. Good evening! I do not know if there will ever happened, is that I created a custom area, I created ADTs with Taliis. I've been modeling with Noggit and play when a playe cast a spell type: Fear, Blindness, pj sinks down, as if the earth swallow him. Anyone has this happened.
  5. Hi, we just started a new server 3.3.5a Blizzlike for leveling with a custom end game. Lag-free realm running on trinity fresh compiled. There is : - Custom Instance - Custom Dungeon - Custom Stuff - Good Staff - Great Dev ( And Still looking for another C++ Dev ) - Pvp - Pvp Zone - Farming Zone ( Hard Farming Zone ) - World Boss ( Don't try it alone...if you wanna survive ) - No teleporter We should start adding customs instances/stuff/dungeon when the first player of the server will hit lvl 50 There is no Pay to win like a lot of Wow server. You donate if you like it or you don't Come and try it, i'm sure you enjoy it ! Meretrix-Staff
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