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Found 2 results

  1. [Download] TrinityCore 3.3.5 [Dbc, Maps, VMaps, MMaps] Dec 9, 2014 Fresh TrinityCore Dbc, Maps, VMaps, MMaps files for 3.3.5. Rev: c136e4c415bf8e46d71d972353b1d6805c43f045 Date: Dec 9, 2014 Dbc: Download (8.9mb) - source mega.co.nz Maps: Download (153.2mb) - source mega.co.nz VMaps: Download (261.8mb) - source mega.co.nz MMaps: Download (535.6mb) - source mega.co.nz Note: This is for the DBC, Map files, VMap files and MMap files ONLY. This does NOT contain source code.
  2. This guide is gonna be about how to change any dungeon difficulty to heroic mode. Im going to edit Deadmines for this guide. Downloads: DBC Editor MPQ Editor Database To start we need to add a heroic mode to the Deadmines map (Map 36) (This can be found in your Maps DBC) Now go to your world database and to the access_requirement table. Find your dungeon MapID and duplicate that row. The duplicated row should be at the bottom of your table. All we need to do is change the difficulty entry from 0 to 1 to add a heroic mode to Deadmines. 5 Man Dungeons • 0 Normal • 1 Heroic • 2 Epic 10 Man Dungeons • 0 Normal • 2 Heroic 25 Man Dungeons • 1 Normal • 3 Heroic DBC Now we need to edit our local files so the game recognizes that Deadmines is a heroic dungeon. Open your MapDifficulty DBC with the DBC Editor and add a new entry. • On the first field enter a unique ID (I used 800) • The second field is the MapID, in my case Im using 36 for Deadmines. • The third field is the difficulty (This must be the same as the one you put in the database) • The fourth field is the message you will get if you do not meet the requirements to enter the dungeon. • On the twentieth field put 16712190 (Raid) or 16712188 (Dungeon) • The twenty first field is the time in seconds for the instance to reset. • The twenty second field is the max number of players that can enter the instance. • The twenty third field is the difficulty string (You will have to copy that from any row depending on the difficulty you want) Custom Patch Now we need to make a custom patch. Open your MPQ Editor and create a new MPQ (WOTLK) Now make a new folder called 'DBFilesClient' and add your edited MapDifficulty DBC. Just add your patch into your Data folder and make sure your DBC file is in your server DBC folder and you should be good to go.
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