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  1. Hello i am very new to all of this and im having some trouble during the actual build process. I love world of warcraft and have played since launch but never knew there was such an in depth modding community and would love to learn to code C++ and manipulate my own version of Azeroth; thus my reasoning for all of this and i have done well up too this point with conquering most issues. This is the first really big wall, I am using Visual Studios 16 2019 I also do have the Visual Studio 14 2015 installed and available. My issue is at the completion of the build i get this error. 23>LINK :
  2. ------------------------------|@Edit: leveling up bug FIXED-- |@Edit2: Profession's bug FIXED-|------------------------------|Patch for latest rev. of TrinityCore.Yes, it works in Eluna.Bug of battleground's chat fixed.How to install:Extract the CrossFactionBattlegrounds2.rar, copy and paste in your Source folder;Open Git Bash and navigate to your Source folder;Use the command: patch -p1 <CrossFactionBattlegrounds.patchCompile and enjoy.If you already applied the first patch that I posted, you gonna need it to remove it. Here is the OLD patch.Credits: Lille Carl, Noffearr, PrivateDonut, Qua
  3. Credit goes to Parranoia for this script. This script automatically generates a list of every enchant you are able to use based on your level and the item level of the slot you clicked on. Dynamic pages are also created to allow you to go through the large lists of enchants. As far as I know there aren't any missing enchants that I could see. Note: This script does not enchant things like leg armors or librams, only things that would normally be found in the enchanting profession. http://pastebin.com/G79k5NKj
  4. Hello All, I know a lot of people have problems with applying this script, so I am writing a guide on how to manually add the 1v1 arena script! This will work with the latest version of TrinityCore (335.58). Any problems, just reply in the thread or start a support thread. Enjoy ------------ /src/server/game/Battlegrounds/ArenaTeam.cpp Find: case ARENA_TEAM_2v2: return 0; case ARENA_TEAM_3v3: return 1; case ARENA_TEAM_5v5: return 2; Replace with: case ARENA_TEAM_2v2: return 0; case ARENA_TEAM_3v3: return 1; case ARENA_TEAM_
  5. This script will allow you to bet an amount of gold when dueling players. The winner will receive the gold amount set at the beginning of the duel. Credit to Rochet2 for editing the script Parranoia for creating it and Faiver for also updating it. // _ ______ _ _____ ___ // | | /| / / __ \ | /| / / _ )/ _ ) ___ _______ _// | |/ |/ / /_/ / |/ |/ / _ / _ |/ _ \/ __/ _ `/// |__/|__/\____/|__/|__/____/____(_)___/_/ \_, /// /___/ // Script shared from WoWBB.org// Blood Money Duels// Original code by Parranoia
  6. Vitalis - a custom 80 private WotLK 3.3.5a server https://vitalis-wow.com WE ARE HIRING! SQL Developer C++ Developer Web Developer If you are able to fill any these roles, please join our Discord to discuss your potential position. Other positions can be discussed further. These positions are NOT PAID! Please connect to our Discord to learn more about the project and ask us questions. A little bit about our server and our idea... Vitalis is a 3.3.5 Custom Level 80 realm which enables our players to begin exploring fast paced custom content Travel through cu
  7. The Darkmoon Faire scripts didn't work on my realm, so we made this script for the "Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon" and "Tonk Controller" I don't know if its bugged on all trinity cores but if you need the fix to get them working, here it is. It's not working with the blizzlike routes for the "Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon". Just shoots you just a random direction. Besides that it should work fine. Have fun Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/BMUVa881 Full credits go to Sopse.
  8. C++ Remove Player Resurrect Timer and Spawning at GY This is only a small edit, but is handy for those fun servers! This simple core edit removes players resurrect time and also makes players resurrect where they die. Remove Resurrect timer (in seconds): Open > Player.cpp Find (line 145): static uint32 copseReclaimDelay[MAX_DEATH_COUNT] = { 30, 60, 120 }; Replace: static uint32 copseReclaimDelay[MAX_DEATH_COUNT] = { 0 }; Remove resurrecting at GY's: Find (line 5512): TeleportTo(ClosestGrave->map_id, ClosestGrave->x, ClosestGrave->y, ClosestGrave->z, GetOrientation())
  9. Morphs into different races but keeps the gear you wear. Hi, the title explains a lot. :: NPC is supposed to morph the player into racial morphs :: I`ll release my first self made script, it's nothing special but for someone like me who's a bloody noob in C++ it's something cool. Changed WOTLK pastebin: http://pastebin.com/XG0iuWm4 - (Updated & buggs are fixed, everything works fine with the latest TrinityCore, tested: 12/4/2015 2:29) Unchanged Cataclysm pastebin: http://pastebin.com/ErZ2AHH8 - (Updated) For bugg reports please answer to this thread. If the link is outdated answer to
  10. FULL credit goes to Tommy from Emudevs.com for writing this. I'm simply sharing it. #1. Configuration Option Go into World.h and add: CONFIG_CROSSFACTIONBG inside of: Code: enum WorldBoolConfigs Now head into your World.cpp and add: m_bool_configs[CONFIG_CROSSFACTIONBG] = sConfigMgr->GetBoolDefault("MixedBGs", true); Around line #1191 where all the other options are loading. #2. Player source & header file We will be doing the Player files. To start, open up Player.h and Player.cpp. Once you have those opened; Go on line #1061 and above line #1066 add: Code: //C
  11. Hi guys, This little script here will give the player a set amount of gold (10 in this example) when they right click the item. It will also send them a little message telling them how much they received. The item will be destroyed after it's used. They cannot use it whilst in combat, bg, arena or whilst flying. Note: The SQL query will replace the following item in the DB - http://www.wowhead.com/item=25419/unmarked-bag-of-gems. This is done so you don't need a custom patch to use it! C++ http://pastebin.com/jiM9ACC4 SQL REPLACE INTO `item_template` VALUES (25419, 15, 0,
  12. Here is a script of a Store NPC. It allows you to set several categories and several items in each category. When you talk to the NPC, you will first see how much coins you have and then, below, all the categories. When you click on a cateogory, it will display all the items available in this category on the following form: [price] ItemName (x quantity) Price is the amount of coins required to purchase the item ItemName is the name of the item. When you create your store you just have to put the item entry and it will find its name Quantity is the quantity of the item that the player will
  13. This simple script can make any npc within the specified range, whisper a player on their first login. This is especially useful when it comes to servers with custom starter npcs. The whisper is delayed by 2.5seconds so the npc whispers After the player have joined chat channels, etc etc.. All you need to edit is 89999 & 25.0f in this line: if (Creature* creature = player->FindNearestCreature(89999, 25.0f)) 89999 Being the ID of your npc and 25.0f being the max range to search for your npc. aswell as the whisper message in this line: creature->Whisper("PSSST Hey you!..Yes You!
  14. Fully credit goes to Rochet2. I didnt probably release this on AC web yet so I thought I would do it now .. Also, this was updated today. Ppl have asked once in a while if you could dress NPCs some gear and items etc. Usually people answer that you need to make a patch or similar. Through some core editing and the mage spell "mirror image" (not actually using the spell, but the packet and flags) I made it possible to dress NPCs with gear. Its a rather simple idea. You can make an NPC, set the displays of items you want him to have and his race and gender (defines displayID) as well as f
  15. Hello everyone! Today i am gonna share script , which is called : "CROSSFACTION BGs" Script work for LATEST REV of TrinityCore 3.3.5 ****************ATTENTION************************ THIS SCRIPT NEED TO BE ADDED MANUALLY , NOT WITH GIT BASH. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCRIPT LINK ENJOY!
  16. Download change to .patch and git apply http://pastebin.com/0L6e1zxw I'm Mithos Thanks Noffear for Fix.
  17. Hello Everyone ! I am today releasing my script ( maybe someone made it but however i made this mine ) ! I am using this script for my VIP ACCESS Token. The script works for OregonCore/Mangos and maybe TrinityCore This script is promoting your account on level 1 ( i set it to LEVEL 1 because in my server is level 1 VIP ACCOUNT ) + It learns some spells while clicking right click on VIP ACCESS TOKEN ! And it kick you from server , when you login again you'll be VIP I am using this script for TBC! Here's the script ! #include "ScriptPCH.h"#include <cstring>#incl
  18. Hi Everyone ! I am sharing today 1 SCRIPT ! For TrinityCore 335. Revision : c61fac843b86 #include "ScriptPCH.h"#include "Channel.h"class System_Censure : public PlayerScript{public: System_Censure() : PlayerScript("System_Censure") {} void OnChat(Player* player, uint32 /*type*/, uint32 lang, std::string& msg) { CheckMessage(player, msg, lang, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL); } void OnChat(Player* player, uint32 /*type*/, uint32 lang, std::string& msg, Player* receiver) { CheckMessage(player, msg, lang, receiver, NULL, NULL, NULL); } void OnChat(Player* player, uint32 /*type*/, uint32
  19. More or less, what this does is: When arena start, players will get something like raid ready check from fake player called "Arena". If all players press "Yes" button, arena time will decrease. It is something like arena crystals but with nice interface. Coded and compiled with 6-7 months old trinity core, but since most of code is handled by sending packets, I believe it will work just fine. http://pastebin.com/BbzXXus9 Screenshot: Credits: The Zxtreme
  20. This script will reset all of your cooldowns when the duel ends. You will get full HP and mana too. http://pastebin.com/ecpQYgkw
  21. Credits to PrestonParsons for updating the script and AlexeWarr for creating it. The zone has been changed to Gurubash Arena and has a different display. Script: http://pastebin.com/18S33Sw9 How to compile: http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/CustomScript ---------------------------------- **How to make your own** ** gmi_themes ** ID - 1 (for Gmi_templates) NAME - Party (Show on Gossip) Available - 1 (enable to show on gossip list when you speak the NPC) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** gmi_templates ** ID 1 from gmi_themes for gossip
  22. Type: Creature Script Author: Dimitrij " Dway" Fedoryno (I would like to thank Nerdox for assistance in finding coords) Translation: Czech Language: C++ Script Includes: 1) Teleports (for cataclysm teleports uncomment Cataclysm Raids section) - Raids > VANILLA/TBC/WOTLK/Cataclysm - Dungeons > VANILLA/TBC/WOTLK (Cataclysm dungeons are not included) - Cities (filtered if player is horde or aliance) 2) Character tools - Reset HP - Reset Mana - Reset Sated - Combat Stop - Reset Cooldowns 3) Level 80 boost (uncomment case GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF+1000 for works ingame) - If you want show leve
  23. This script is a fix for the quest: Good Help is Hard to Find Core version: 4.3.4 Script Language: C++ Emulator: TrinityCore C++ Script: /* * Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Project SkyFire <http://www.projectskyfire.org/> * Copyright (C) 2008-2015 TrinityCore <http://www.trinitycore.org/> * Copyright (C) 2005-2015 MaNGOS <http://getmangos.com/> * Copyright (C) 2006-2014 ScriptDev2 <https://github.com/scriptdev2/scriptdev2/> * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by th
  24. I know a lot of people use DBC editing to make a zone a sanctuary, but here is a simple C++ edit that will give you exactly the same results (and it's much easier to edit etc). This will allow dueling in the specified zone, but disables PvP between factions (great for a mall). Open -> Player.cpp: Find: (around line 7636) if (area && area->IsSanctuary()) // in sanctuary Replace with: if (area && area->IsSanctuary() || GetAreaId() == 100) // Replace the 100 with your area ID Just change the 100 to whatever area ID you wish to use. (Use .gps in the area you wish t
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