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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, i am trying to make an script for BOSS. But everything works good, the only thing is that the boss won't cast LAY OF HANDS spell when he has got 10% of hp. So i don't know what to do, anyone have idea ? http://pastebin.com/DpczPs0Y
  2. Hey guys, i have a problem with my server!!!! I got 20 players online and when somehow it stucked ( but only for some other players including me ) And i got stucked and other players too. So on server remained like 10-14 players online. The bug was something like this - > I was just summoning people or blabla but that wasn't bugging server. So i tried to write some raid warning and i couldn't see what i wrote, and that things .. And when i try to login server , i stuck on COnnected and when i press Cancel i go to select realm but same bug .. I think i had 1 more time that issue, it was caused by some MAP .... like player goes to some place and server stucks, you can jump everything but u don't see what are you typing , and same stuck on connected if u relog. What to do ? Any IDEA ?
  3. Hello dear people! I am looking for script Mini Zombie Rush Game or Mini Rush Game ... SOmething like that ... like i press on npc and like he has menu " start game " and when i press on it he'll start the game and it will spawn the zombies and at the end of 10 round would be spawned the boss of these zombies and he'll drop something .... I am looking for it for 2.4.3 OREGONCORE OR MANGOS Thanks really!
  4. Hello! Can anyone tell me how to make 1 script with : First players must to kill mobs and after mobs the boss will be attackable. After it when is the boss dead, to spawn object (like berserking ) and to be spawned there for 5 or 10seconds ? How to make ?
  5. cyberpro98

    SQL Errors

    Hello ... since i setup my old core i am getting some errors which i don't remember to resolve ... If anyone can help me with this .. ? SQL: SELECT morph FROM character_morph WHERE guid = 1 query ERROR: Table 'characters.character_morph' doesn't exist SQL: SELECT scale FROM character_scale WHERE guid = 1 query ERROR: Table 'characters.character_scale' doesn't exist SQL: REPLACE INTO `character_scale` VALUES (1, 1, 'Default Scale') SQL ERROR: Table 'characters.character_scale' doesn't exist ---> Picture attached
  6. I've released a website for free, which is going to be for creating NPC for OregonCore 2.4.3 It's fully free .... At the moment is only with creating npc. http://sqlgenerator-oregon.netne.net/ Sooo, ENJOY!
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