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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there I am here to share one part of PHP SCRIPT made by ME and the biggest part made by Tim Levinsson Biggest part of credit - Tim Levinsson Smaller part - Cyberpro98 This script is working on the latest OregonCore revision. You just need to go to your XAMPP folder and open up htdocs folder and drop inside of it : index.php ; npcinsert.php ; images (u can add whichever image but u must to edit the php file ) So, open up your Program NOTEPAD or Notepad++ and just place this code inside of it <?php $host = ""; $dbuser = "yourdbuser"; //mine is root $dbpass = "yourdbpassword"; //mine password is roooooooot $dbname = "yourdatabaseworldname"; //mine database name is world $conn = mysqli_connect($host, $dbuser, $dbpass, $dbname); $inputs = array( "entry", "modelid1", "name", "subname", "IconName", "gossip_menu_id", "minlevel", "maxlevel", "minhealth", "maxhealth", "minmana", "maxmana", "armor", "faction", "npcflag", "scale", "rank", "mindmg", "maxdmg", "rangeattacktime", "unit_class", "minrangedmg", "maxrangedmg", "lootid", "mingold", "maxgold", "ManaModifier", "HealthModifier", "mechanic_immune_mask"); //added if(empty($_POST['baseattacktime'])) { $baseattacktime = 2000; }else{ $baseattacktime = $_POST ['baseattacktime']; } //added if(empty($_POST['attackpower'])) { $attackpower = 100; }else{ $attackpower = $_POST ['attackpower']; } //added if(empty($_POST['rangedattackpower'])) { $rangedattackpower = 100; }else{ $rangedattackpower = $_POST ['rangedattackpower']; } //added if(empty($_POST['speed_walk'])) { $speed_walk = 1; }else{ $speed_walk = $_POST ['speed_walk']; } //added if(empty($_POST['speed_run'])) { $speed_run = 1.14286; }else{ $speed_run = $_POST ['speed_run']; } foreach($inputs as $input) { ${$input} = (!empty($_POST[$input])) ? $_POST[$input] : ""; } $stmt = $conn->prepare("INSERT INTO `creature_template` ( entry, `modelid1`, name, subname, IconName, gossip_menu_id, minlevel, maxlevel, minhealth, maxhealth, minmana, maxmana, armor, faction, npcflag, speed_walk, speed_run, scale, rank, mindmg, maxdmg, attackpower, baseattacktime, rangeattacktime, unit_class, minrangedmg, maxrangedmg, rangedattackpower, lootid, mingold, maxgold, ManaModifier, HealthModifier, mechanic_immune_mask) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)"); $stmt->bind_param("iisssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", $entry, $modelid1, $name, $subname, $IconName, $gossip_menu_id, $minlevel, $maxlevel, $minhealth, $maxhealth, $minmana, $maxmana, $armor, $faction, $npcflag, $speed_walk, $speed_run, $scale, $rank, $mindmg, $maxdmg, $attackpower, $baseattacktime, $rangeattacktime, $unit_class, $minrangedmg, $maxrangedmg, $rangedattackpower, $lootid, $mingold, $maxgold, $ManaModifier, $HealthModifier, $mechanic_immune_mask); if($stmt->execute()) { echo "Success"; header('location: index.php'); }else{ echo "Failed" . $stmt->error; } $stmt->close(); ?> close it and save it with name : npcinsert.php And now that file put it into folder nammed htdocs ( its located in C:\xampp\htdocs ) Open again NOTEPAD++ or Notepad and put this code inside <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>SQL Generator</title> <style> * { margin:0; padding:0; } body { background-image:url(images/background-3.jpg); } #wrapper { width:868px; margin:100px auto; } [type=text] { width:200px; height:25px; padding:0 5px; } select { width:214px; height:29px; } [type=submit] { width:100px; height:30px; } </style> <meta charset="UTF-8"> </head> <body> <div id="wrapper"> <form action="npcinsert.php" method="POST"> <input type="text" name="entry" placeholder="Creature Entry"> <input type="text" name="modelid1" placeholder="model id 1"> <input type="text" name="name" placeholder="Creature Name"> <input type="text" name="subname" placeholder="Subname"> <select name="IconName"> <option value="" selected hidden disabled>Icon Name</option> <option value="">None</option> <option value="Directions">Directions</option> <option value="Gunner">Gunner</option> <option value="vehichleCursor">vehichleCursor</option> <option value="Driver">Driver</option> <option value="Attack">Attack</option> <option value="Buy">Buy</option> <option value="Speak">Speak</option> <option value="Pickup">Pickup</option> <option value="Interact">Interact</option> <option value="Trainer">Trainer</option> <option value="Taxi">Taxi</option> <option value="Repair">Repair</option> <option value="LootAll">LootAll</option> <option value="Quest">Quest</option> </select> <input type="text" name="gossip_menu_id" placeholder="gossip_menu_id"> <input type="text" name="minlevel" placeholder="min level"> <input type="text" name="maxlevel" placeholder="max level"> <input type="text" name="minhealth" placeholder="minhealth"> <input type="text" name="maxhealth" placeholder="maxhealth"> <input type="text" name="minmana" placeholder="minmana"> <input type="text" name="maxmana" placeholder="maxmana"> <input type="text" name="armor" placeholder="armor"> <input type="text" name="faction" placeholder="faction"> <select name="npcflag"> <option value="" selected hidden disabled>NPC Flag</option> <option value="">None</option> <option value="1">Gossip</option> <option value="2">Quest Giver</option> <option value="16">Trainer</option> <option value="32">Class Trainer</option> <option value="64">Profession Trainer</option> <option value="128">Vendor</option> <option value="256">Vendor Ammo</option> <option value="512">Vendor Food</option> <option value="1024">Vendor Poison</option> <option value="2048">Vendor Reagent</option> <option value="4096">Repairer</option> <option value="8192">Flight Master</option> <option value="16384">Spirit Healer</option> <option value="32768">Spirit Guide</option> <option value="65536">Innkeeper</option> <option value="131072">Banker</option> <option value="262144">Petitioner</option> <option value="524288">Tabard Designer</option> <option value="1048576">Battlemaster</option> <option value="2097152">Auctioneer</option> <option value="4194304">Stable Master</option> <option value="8388608">Guild Banker</option> <option value="16777216">Spellclick</option> <option value="67108864">Mailbox</option> </select> <input type="text" name="scale" placeholder="scale"> <select name="rank"> <option value="" hidden selected disabled>Rank</option> <option value="">None</option> <option value="">Normal</option> <option value="">Elite</option> <option value="">Rare Elite</option> <option value="">Boss</option> <option value="">Rare</option> </select> <input type="text" name="mindmg" placeholder="mindmg"> <input type="text" name="maxdmg" placeholder="maxdmg"> <input type="text" name="attackpower" placeholder="attackpower"> <input type="text" name="baseattacktime" placeholder="baseattacktime"> <input type="text" name="rangeattacktime" placeholder="rangeattacktime"> <select name="unit_class"> <option value="" hidden selected disabled>Unit Class</option> <option value="">None</option> <option value="1">Warrior</option> <option value="2">Paladin</option> <option value="4">Rogue</option> <option value="8">Mage</option> </select> <input type="text" name="minrangedmg" placeholder="maxrangedmg"> <input type="text" name="maxrangedmg" placeholder="maxrangedmg"> <input type="text" name="rangedattackpower" placeholder="rangedattackpower"> <input type="text" name="lootid" placeholder="lootid"> <input type="text" name="mingold" placeholder="mingold"> <input type="text" name="maxgold" placeholder="maxgold"> <input type="text" name="ManaModifier" placeholder="ManaModifier"> <input type="text" name="HealthModifier" placeholder="HealthModifier"> <input type="text" name="mechanic_immune_mask" placeholder="mechanic_immune_mask"> <select name="mechanic_immune_mask"> <option value="" selected hidden disabled>Mechanic Immune Mask</option> <option value="">None</option> <option value="1">MECHANIC_CHARM</option> <option value="2">MECHANIC_DISORIENTED</option> <option value="4">MECHANIC_DISARM</option> <option value="8">MECHANIC_DISTRACT</option> <option value="16">MECHANIC_FEAR</option> <option value="32">MECHANIC_GRIP</option> <option value="64">MECHANIC_ROOT</option> <option value="128">MECHANIC_PACIFY</option> <option value="256">MECHANIC_SILENCE</option> <option value="512">MECHANIC_SLEEP</option> <option value="1024">MECHANIC_SNARE</option> <option value="2048">MECHANIC_STUN</option> <option value="4096">MECHANIC_FREEZE</option> <option value="8192">MECHANIC_KNOCKOUT</option> <option value="16384">MECHANIC_BLEED</option> <option value="32768">MECHANIC_BANDAGE</option> <option value="65536">MECHANIC_POLYMORPH</option> <option value="131072">MECHANIC_BANISH</option> <option value="262144">MECHANIC_SHIELD</option> <option value="524288">MECHANIC_SHACKLE</option> <option value="1048576">MECHANIC_MOUNT</option> <option value="2097152">MECHANIC_INFECTED</option> <option value="4194304">MECHANIC_TURN</option> <option value="8388608">MECHANIC_HORROR</option> <option value="16777216">MECHANIC_INVULNERABILITY</option> <option value="33554432">MECHANIC_INTERRUPT</option> <option value="67108864">MECHANIC_DAZE</option> <option value="134217728">MECHANIC_DISCOVERY</option> <option value="268435456">MECHANIC_IMMUNE_SHIELD</option> <option value="536870912">MECHANIC_SAPPED</option> <option value="1073741824">MECHANIC_ENRAGED</option> </select><br> <center><input type="submit" value="Insert"></center> </form> </div> </body> </html> Close it and save it with name index.php and this file add TOO to htdocs folder. And the latest part IN htdocs folder create 1 new folder nammed images and inside of it put any image named " background-3.jpg " And that's IT !
  2. mysql_close();
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