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Found 3 results

  1. Syndicate-WoW Instant 85 Fun Realm, we currently roll 3 working raids, Baradin Hold, Bastion of Twilight and the new brand one (beta) Firelands. Note, our final goal is to open as many as possible Cataclysm expansion raids, with the help of our community surely we will! The loot structure I did is the following one (mandatory): 1) In Baradin Hold you'll obtain PVP Cataclysm offset/jewelry. 2) In Bastion of Twilight you'll obtain PVE Normal equipment 397, weapons. 3) In Firelands you'll obtain PVE heroic equipment 410. 4) Future new raids future new loots. ------------------------------------------------------- All bgs working/3v3 solo que will be realeased if few days. 1v1 arena que on development too. VOTE SYSTEM WORKING- VOTE/DONATE SHOP WILL BE REALEASED TOO. ----------------------- https://syndicate-wow.com/ https://discord.gg/xJXcwB
  2. We are celebrating our opening of our Chromium WoW 2.4.3 Server! Over 1000 custom items Over 200 Custom quests Over 200 Vendors Custom Instances Custom Creatures ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teleporter Heal NPC Transmogrification Top Killers Tiers from - T1 to T9 ( Including and DONOR SET ) KillStreak System VIP ACCESS VIP Chats Custom Commands And a lot of more things! ****WE'LL START TO CREATE AND PROJECT 335a **** Come and play with us today! http://chromium-wow.com/
  3. -------------------------- Undying-WoW would like to welcome you through our doors, so that you can get your new years reward, which is free wrathful! We offer a different kind of PvP realm, we have all of the Arena Systems such as Arena Spectator, 1v1 Rated Arena, Daily Events & Bosses, Legion/WOD/MOP/Cata Mounts and much much more! Undying is always open for suggestions on how to improve the realm, how we can make the server a better place for everyone, we care about our community. -------------------------- [ -------------------------- Undying WoW - 3.3.5a Fun PvP Instant 80 Realm Website : Undying-WoW - Fun PvP Realm Connect : Undying-WoW - Connection Guide Forum : Undying-WoW - Private Server Forums
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