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Found 15 results

  1. THIS REPACK HAS BEEN UPDATED/UPLOADED SUCCESSFULLY Patch 3.3.5a support. TrinityCore 3.3.5a WoW Source *Updated June 24, 2018* TrinityCore 3.3.5a Database *Updated June 24, 2018* This is a WoW Origin-Projects repack. http://wow-origin-projects.boards.net/ Most spells and talents are working as intended. Working Battlegrounds. Random Battlegrounds are available. Warsong Gulch is available/scripted. Arathi Basin is available/scripted. Eye of the Storm is available/scripted. Alterac Valley is available/scripted. Strand of the Ancients is available/scri
  2. Hello i am very new to all of this and im having some trouble during the actual build process. I love world of warcraft and have played since launch but never knew there was such an in depth modding community and would love to learn to code C++ and manipulate my own version of Azeroth; thus my reasoning for all of this and i have done well up too this point with conquering most issues. This is the first really big wall, I am using Visual Studios 16 2019 I also do have the Visual Studio 14 2015 installed and available. My issue is at the completion of the build i get this error. 23>LINK :
  3. Hello people! Core Download: Core Server[Mysql,Apache..etc] Download: Server DBC , MMAPS , MAPS , VMAPS Info: ● TrinityCore 3.3.5a ● Repack is good for use Instant 80 server ● Arena Spectator Allow Spectate Rated Arena Games with / 1v1 Spectate / 2v2 spectate / 3v3 / specific spectate ● 1v1 Rated Arena And skirmish ● Pathfiding ● Instant Cast Before start Arena ● Crossfaction ● Enchanter NPC ● Professions NPC ● <GM>SYMBOLIXDEV / <DEV>SYMBOLIXDEV Tags in Who list ● Teleporter NPC [ MENUS ] Morph , buff , titles view , and teleport menu + exchanger service +
  4. YugoWoW was based on my old work but i've remake nearly everything and it's now a really fun server to play. I'll not talk much about it, as you better discover everything yourself when you play it. As you know advertising for server most of times means that it's a pretty low populated but i hope we growup fast. Start Level 55 Max Level 85 Vote and Donor points for been active ingame 10000 Custom Items Custom Gems Custom Mounts All Races & All Classes i
  5. Hi, I am recruting 2 C++/SQL developers to fix Legion dungeons and raids, as well as Broken Shore/Argus content, this is not a paid position currently, You will have access to the Code to either make a repack out of it, or open a server(your choice) I would also like the quests in legion/artifact weapon scenarios scripted. Current Raids that need scripting Nighthold Trial of Valor Antorus The Burning Throne Tomb of Sargeras(We have 1 boss scripted) Emerald Nightmare(We have 1 boss scripted) Current Dungeons that need scripting
  6. Hello there, i am trying to update the Zombie_Rush Minigame for 2.4.3 ( oregoncore ) But it's not working a lot of errors ... Script -> http://pastebin.com/hp1mx2cC If anyone of you could help me... And yeah, those are the errors -> http://pastebin.com/pZpgHDk8
  7. I am using Oregon/Mangos Core but when i use Druid Dire Bear form i am getting hp reseted to 1% and i don't have any idea how to fix it ? Maybe some script if anyone knows ? Thanks!
  8. CURRENT VERSION 2.0 Armor Creator is Auto-Updated Now! TOTAL DOWNLOADS : 197 -- Updated 4/27/2018 Greetings everyone, been long time since i released something.. so in the past few days i was thinking to finish an already "Idea" that i got, which is the 'Armor Creator' as i've seen a lot of items creator around but you need to fill x 40 boxes at least and sometimes it is outdated and could rip your DB.. well i decided to open this project since i got a lot of free time specially this days / months and well i'll not stop here and i'll try to work more on the code an
  9. Hey there! I found 1 script for DOnor Reward npc, like all in 1... To see Donation Points, ( that is working at least ) It has more menus, to buy weps donor, vip blabla ... But when i press to buy on menu some wep it won't give me it because it says to me to i don't have space in my bag + getting some fking errors and i am bored of them ... If anyone can help me 2 photos -> with errors. And another one is in-game how is working ( i mean where it shows that i don't have any space in bag... )
  10. Hello dear people! I am looking for script Mini Zombie Rush Game or Mini Rush Game ... SOmething like that ... like i press on npc and like he has menu " start game " and when i press on it he'll start the game and it will spawn the zombies and at the end of 10 round would be spawned the boss of these zombies and he'll drop something .... I am looking for it for 2.4.3 OREGONCORE OR MANGOS Thanks really!
  11. RoE (WotLK) is a no-gimmicks blizzlike WotLK private server with a strong stance on security, user data privacy, policies, and transparent operations. Some other notable aspects are: Authentic blizzlike (only 1x rates and absolutely no custom content or conditions of any kind) Majority of spells, talents, dungeons, and raids are functional with high-quality and public-auditable scripting Hardened Linux packages, self-hosted servers (with years of experience), and overall secure environment Daily updates, maintenance, and backups Total presentation of server hosting configurations on GitLab
  12. AzerothCore is a new project focussed on user-experience. It is based on SunwellCore, aimed to continue its development introducing new features.For those who don't know SunwellCore, it was a TrinityCore-based game server application with many new features listed here.AzerothCore can be easily installed using this tutorial (you will also find all databases and dbc/maps/vmaps/mmaps downloads included): HOW TO INSTALL AZEROTHCOREOfficial site web: www.azerothcore.orgOfficial source code github repository: https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlkOfficial gitter chat channel: https://gitte
  13. Hi Guys, i would like to share just one post which was helpful for me in the past HOW TO SEE TRINITYCORE REQUIREMENTS AND A LOT OF THINGS THERE MORE ... *** I am lazy to write all the stuff, but if it's written already why should i than *** https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Windows+Requirements https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Installation+Guide I hope it helped a lot
  14. How to make a custom chest with loot TrinityCore using HeidiSQL Hello again, in this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a custom chest gobject and make it so it drops loot. First of all you will need to open up heidisql and navigate to your gameobject_template table (data view). We need to find an id that is not being used so here I suggest you click on “Show All” in the top right hand corner of heidisql. Once all records are being shown scroll right to the bottom and click on the last row. Now let us take a look at the gameobject_template fields Now we are going to make a
  15. Hello everyone, I recently learned how to compile and run private servers using Jeuties Blizzlike Repack (3.3.5a) and I noticed that some mobs in starting areas are set to Neutral, where their name shows up as Yellow, even after accepting some quests. An example being the Frostmane Troll Whelp clan in Dun Morough. I went into the database via HeidiSQL, found the creature settings and saw that this faction is shown with a factionID of 14. Which to my understanding is that they are set to be hostile automatically and will attack when a player enters it's aggro radius. Is this a known issue
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