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Found 11 results

  1. Titans-WoW is an up and coming Multi Realm project with plans of becoming a high quality WorldofWarcraft Project, We Released Battle Royal Realm on 17th of November, We will be opening our re-worked WOTLK realm for beta testing in the spring of 2020 We are searching for developers who would be interested in being part of and volunteering as a member of our friendly staff team and a growing community! We are searching for individuals with the following skill sets: - SQL Programming skills - Experience working with Trinity Core - C++ Programming Skills - C# Programing Skills -Designing Skills "Launcher,Custom login Screens, Noggit (possible Paid) Just some personal requirements: - Must be able to work in a team environment -Must be able to take direction and work under low supervision - Must be committed to the server and passionate about the game - Must be able to speak English - Please keep in mind that the position is voluntary. To contact us simply follow this link to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/vf5zWDT or contact Revolve on Discord directly. Revolve#2637
  2. I present to you, Titans-League!(Yes i know, first wow site in VueJs? woah, the speed! (fukka you fusioncms))If you enjoy customization as much as me, your gonna love this server. Here, we rock your foundation within the first seconds with some amazing introduction animation sequences, as well as a custom storyline.But most importantly, here you build your own gear from scratch. And this is not some shitty system that create duplicate items, nono. Developed with lots of love, care and passion, we present to you the most complex item customization system that also includes a custom profession Spell Crafting.What you can customize on your items: Name. Quality. Display. Stats. And with the new Spell Crafting profession, you can even craft your own equip/chance on hit effects to apply to your items. Check out our players at our armory, It also loads the custom stats you choose!Here is a video showing some aspects of the upgrade system Here is a video showing some aspects of the Player House System We also introduce new custom battlegrounds: 2v2 Deathmatch, and a fully functional Battle Royale!Its worth noting that all our battlegrounds use your total item upgrade level to find opponents, so youll always fight against fair opponents. But the battle royale you have to find gear, so upgrade level doesnt matter. All your items are temporarily taken out of storage, until the match is over.We also have tons of custom events:Zombie Deathmatch, Mario Kart Racing, Fall Event, Mini Battle Royale & king of the hill.You can check out more videos on my youtube channel there, or you can come check out all the stuff before we go live the 16th of november.Other stuff includes: Player House System WHICH IS ROLE BASED , duel betting where you can bet your character in a duel. Thats right, winner gets the losers character. You up for that? I bet my character you are not.I could go on all day with content, but its better you come see for yourself!So if your into custom stuff, be sure to check out https://titans-league.org!
  3. YugoWoW was based on my old work but i've remake nearly everything and it's now a really fun server to play. I'll not talk much about it, as you better discover everything yourself when you play it. As you know advertising for server most of times means that it's a pretty low populated but i hope we growup fast. Start Level 55 Max Level 85 Vote and Donor points for been active ingame 10000 Custom Items Custom Gems Custom Mounts All Races & All Classes is Enabled Custom Dungeons Custom regular and Mini Teleporter Transmogrify Custom Command VIP System Special Commands for stuck or combat bug Custom Mounts ( speed ) All Regular items reworked New Class Spells 50 + Spells reworked Balanced Classes Custom World Bosses Custom way of gearing UP 1v1 Arena PVP gear Best gear isn't ( donor ) so it's not a P2W server Donations will always be for the server Much more news coming soon I want to talk about donations, actually all donations will go either to the server by donating following the rules on our discord else donating on website will go for our webhost, and just to note that my country disallow us to have a paypal nor anyway of international payments ... so yeah i'm not here to earn money out from people, i'm here only to public a server that everyone could enjoy i wish i can do more better work. This is our Discord : https://discord.gg/HXbe9Wb
  4. RoE (WotLK) is a no-gimmicks blizzlike WotLK private server with a strong stance on security, user data privacy, policies, and transparent operations. Some other notable aspects are: Authentic blizzlike (only 1x rates and absolutely no custom content or conditions of any kind) Majority of spells, talents, dungeons, and raids are functional with high-quality and public-auditable scripting Hardened Linux packages, self-hosted servers (with years of experience), and overall secure environment Daily updates, maintenance, and backups Total presentation of server hosting configurations on GitLab No pay-to-win, donation superiority, advertisements, or user-marketing Community and events VOIP, forums, and even an entire social network Upstream software contributions Low-latency and consistent uptime Here is a white paper for more detailed information and how RoE (WotLK) compares to other servers (last updated: 2015-12-06) RoE (WotLK) is a server hosted under Realm of Espionage, an internet community with the main focus points of gaming, transparency, and the promotion of open-source technologies and security. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to state them either here or on my forums and I'll try my best to address them. Realm of Espionage Main Page How to Connect to RoE (WotLK) and Registration Video presentation of how Two-factor authentication works on RoE (WotLK) Gunship Battle Obsidian Sanctum
  5. Dear WOWBB we are proud to announce Dark Temptation!Running latest Trinity Core with db 335.61 (Fresh compiled)(01.06.2016)Multiple realm's (Blizzlike-Fun-Secret)Aiming for 1.12.1 Vanilla Blizzlike and 2.4.3 TBC later on.We are a small staff team working overtime to give the best gaming experience we can support.We have not been testing everything so in this case how much working is yet to tell!If YOU want to Help us out, come join our community and be apart off our big project!We do not take credit for Website Template for our FusionCMS! (looking for web designer)What you can expect from us: 99.9% Uptime Great Host Friendly Staff Hard working A+ Support No Custom Items No Pay2Win Stable Core If you got suggestion for our server be sure to post them on our forum so we can improve to be better! ForumIf this look's promising why dont You check us out? Dark Temptation WoW
  6. Website / Registration playdarkmoon.com Forums forum.playdarkmoon.com Facebook: facebook.com/wowdarkmoon Experience: x25 Honor: x15 Drop: x15 Gold: x5 Arena Points Flush: 3 days Instance bind reset: 3 days Reputation: x10 Transmogs: enabled Arena Spectator: enabled Solo Queue 3v3: enabled Dungeon Finder: enabled Arena Crystals: enabled Teleporter: enabled MMaps, VMaps: enabled Auto-Learn skills on level-up: enabled What's more: Completely revamped level 80 zone with daily and weekly quests, four scripted bosses and a lot of mysterious riddles, Smart Respawn System - monsters respawn time proportional to the amount of players in a zone, Massive Events - every weekend, such a fun! Battleground & arena rankings with seasonal, unique rewards. Weekly PvP and PvE challenges Every instance is fully scripted and working, but they will be released progressively - one after another. When the server launches we'll open all raids from Vanilla up to Ulduar. Further content will be unlocked after the first clear of the end-game raid.This approach allows veterans to relive their favourite moments and gives an opportunity to new players to face the most exciting encounters of the expansion. Arena and Battleground seasons will progress equally to PvE. Darkmoon is big, Polish server coming to the EU World of Warcaft scene. Our biggest assets are professional staff and strong community. Our team consists of skilled developers and great gamemasters.We aim for the top gameplay experience, becoming the server crafted for players needs. No more lags, crashes, bugs and boredom.Server launches on 22nd April 2016, 16:00 UTC. After creating an account, you'll get notified by e-mail 24 hours before the start. We also encourage to follow our Facebook to stay in touch!
  7. Hello everyone, I recently learned how to compile and run private servers using Jeuties Blizzlike Repack (3.3.5a) and I noticed that some mobs in starting areas are set to Neutral, where their name shows up as Yellow, even after accepting some quests. An example being the Frostmane Troll Whelp clan in Dun Morough. I went into the database via HeidiSQL, found the creature settings and saw that this faction is shown with a factionID of 14. Which to my understanding is that they are set to be hostile automatically and will attack when a player enters it's aggro radius. Is this a known issue with Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack? Is it fixable? This issue makes certain quests in starting areas very easy, especially gathering quests where the monsters, should be agressive... I'm guessing. I'll try to provide screen shots later as I am running one computer in one room as the local server, and my other as the game client. T.I.A.!
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