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Found 23 results

  1. THIS REPACK IS IN BETA, PLEASE GIVE US FEEDBACK ON THE FORUMS OR GITHUB(Report issues on Github) Patch 2.4.3 support. - CMangos 2.4.3 WoW Source *Updated June 20, 2018* - CMangos 2.4.3 Database *Updated June 20, 2018* This is a WoW Origin-Projects Repack. http://wow-origin-projects.boards.net/ Most spells and talents are working as intended. Working Battlegrounds. Warsong Gulch is available/scripted. Arathi Basin is available/scripted. Eye of the Storm is available/scripted. Alterac Valley is available/scripted. Working Arenas. Blade's Edge Arena is available/scripted. Nagrand Arena is available/scripted. Ruins of Lordaeron is available/scripted. Classic-WoW Dungeons/Raids Blackfathom Deeps is available/scripted. Blackrock Depths is available/scripted. Blackrock Spire is available/scripted. Blackwing Lair is available/scripted. Dire Maul is available/scripted. Gnomeregan is available/scripted. Maraudon is available/scripted. Molten Core is available/scripted. Ragefire Chasm is available/scripted. Razorfen Downs is available/scripted. Razorfen Kraul is available/scripted. Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj is available/scripted. Scarlet Monastery is available/scripted. Scholomance is available/scripted. Shadowfang keep is available/scripted. Stormwind Stockade is available/scripted. Stratholme is available/scripted. Temple of Ahn'Qiraj is available/scripted. Temple of Atal'Hakkar is available/scripted. The Deadmines is available/scripted. Uldaman is available/scripted. Wailing Caverns is available/scripted. Zul'Gurub is available/scripted. Zul'Farrak is available/scripted. Burning Crusade Dungeons/Raids. Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts is available/scripted. Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs is available/scripted. Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls is available/scripted. Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth is available/scripted. Black Temple is available/scripted. Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit is available/scripted. Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills is available/scripted. Caverns of Time: The Black Morass is available/scripted. Coilfang Reservoir is available/scripted. Gruul's Lair is available/scripted. Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts is available/scripted. Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon's Lair is available/scripted. Hellfire Citadel: The Blood Furnace is available/scripted. Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls is available/scripted. Karazhan is available/scripted. Magisters' Terrace is available/scripted. Sunwell Plateau is available/scripted. Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz is available/scripted. Tempest Keep: The Botanica is available/scripted. Tempest Keep: The Eye is available/scripted. Tempest Keep: The Machanar is available/scripted. Misc. The auction house is working. Most quests are working. Most world events are working. Most rare boss spawns are available. Most creatures are scripted. Most items are working. Blizzlike Line of Sight implementation Blizzlike pathing implementation. Ore spawns are pooled according to Blizzlike standards. Extractors for dbc, maps, vmaps and mmaps are included in this Repack. Auction House bot is built-in. Q1: Can I have the Source Code? A1: Yes, This Repack runs on CMangos 2.4.3, We will make extra fixes on our Github if needed. CMangos 2.4.3 Source - https://github.com/cmangos/mangos-tbc Q2: Any plans to support another Expansion in the future? A2: Yes, We are currently working on a 7.3.5a WoW Repack, We play through all the content to make sure it is playable so it won't be released for a bit. Q3: I am missing a .dll or database file, can I get a download link to the missing file? A3: Of course, if any files are missing please let us know by using the Support forum. We will add the file to Our Repack and upload the replacement as soon as possible. Q4: Can I talk directly to the Owner about an issue without using the Contact page on the Website? A4: Yes, We use Discord to discuss Our Repacks, discord.gg/5YxZ8he (Spamming/Advertising will result in an IP Ban. Consider supporting us on Patreon, it will help us to afford opensource scripts/pay developers to fix our content . - www.patreon.com/woworiginprojects Credits Mangos/CMangos: for developing/scripting the 2.4.3 Core(great job guys!) - cmangos.net - Me: for compiling the Core and making a Repack that can be used by others. - Blizzard Entertainment: For making this great game that We can all enjoy, We do not intend to be competition to Blizzard Entertainment, but rather, make Repacks so that people can re-live the expansions/good ol' days. Bug Reports: http://wow-origin-projects.boards.net/board/10/2-4-3-bug-report - Downloads: Downloads: Server(Mysql) Download: zipansion.com/1zVRv Core Download: zipansion.com/1zVMt Dbc/Maps Download: zipansion.com/1zVOo VMaps/MMaps Download: zipansion.com/1zVUQ/#!H65lBaaL!SlSS_GGhmXOK4D5bGoZynLpFmZq4aWom760V7jeU-YI ALL OF THESE FILES ARE REQUIRED FOR THE SERVER TO START Installation/Connection instructions can be found in the Core.zip file.
  2. ObsVrae is a World of Warcraft Legion server in version 7.3.5. Now think: "Another Legion server, great ...". Well, here's the thing. There are other Legion servers also with great content, but we are not just our content. Our community will be very important to us. Our staff goes through a series of tests to show that they are able to be as enjoyable and supportive as possible. We have different divisions that are separated to guarantee greater efficiency. How are we so important to the community? Why do I talk about this instead of the server? We will talk about the server in a moment, but first we must talk about why our staff is a big part of our community and why we will love our community so much. Our staff is what makes a great experience in the game, or at least a large part of it. We believe that staff members should not have a bad attitude. Our players will be the foundation of our community, and we would not have the incredible opportunity to make a great community for other people to be part of it. We are dedicating time and effort to create an environment in which they can be a part of it. Not just for the content or the fun, but to meet the incredible people who can be in it. Remember, we are all a family, and we need to take care of each other. We are currently in a closed ALFA, so we are still developing. We really want to offer such a large community so that everyone can participate. We want you to have fun as much as possible, and for this we need to make sure that all our content is as error-free as possible. We are working on fixing the most common problems and much more content. * C++ Developer * DB Developer * Web Developer Our Website (In development) Our Facebook Our Twitter Our Discord
  3. Greetings, I had a lot of requests about how to setup my own repack, because there were a lot of problems like database errors, compability etc.. I decided to make a video guide how to setup " Mental WoW Official Repack " I hope you'll enjoy!
  4. REGISTER NOW | LIKE US ON FACEBOOK OnTop500 Is o game server toplist project I started back in December 2015 and opened it in 2016 and abandoned the project leaving it online until the end of November 2017. A lot of people asked me to release the source code and database and since I saw so much interest in my platform I decided to reopen it. In 1 year without any advertising, no SEO nothing just a poor html code site managed to reach a total of 19k page views with only 37 active websites registered. Now I invite all of you to recheck the brand new ONTOP500, hopefully you will register your servers and tell your friends about it. I have really big plans with this platform and hopefully can provide weekly updates. Features Clean, responsive desing, nice to navigate Easy registration, add how many servers you want from a single account Inactive sites cleanup Automatic top reset every first day of the month 4 Vote banners Advertising spots available Weekly categories monitoring to see if we should add/remove a category Website and Gaming latest news, will try to to post as frequent as possible and maybe hire an article writer soon if I get enough donations. 12 hours automation system, your players will be able to vote again after 12 hours from the last vote Anti proxy script, votes coming from a proxy address won't count to avoid double voting and other vote hacks LATEST NEWS http://ontop500.com/news/Pretty+URL+Update+Applied http://ontop500.com/news/Prepare+for+pretty+URL http://ontop500.com/news/Huge+System+Update http://ontop500.com/news/Pingback+and+Postback+incentives+in+progress http://ontop500.com/news/OnTop500+is+back+in+force http://ontop500.com/news/Welcome+to+Ontop500 http://ontop500.com/news/New+Design
  5. REGISTER | FACEBOOK PrivateWoW-TopServers is a new Private World Of Warcraft TopList site. Subscribe your server today, and get 2 month of Free Premium Membership! FEATURES: Easy registration form. Added Module News, allowing others to see writed news. Added Search engine. Members can use Banner option. Add details of your site, with full BBCode support. Add screenshots of your site, allowing others to see it under "Details". An easy to use link so that users can vote for your site. Added module to view all the latest added sites in order. Subscribe your server now, and get 2 month of Free Premium Membership! INFORMATIONS: [*] You can subscribe only Private World Of Warcraft Server (Only World Of Warcraft Servers, we do not support Aion and other Games!). [*] We Support 7 Expansions (Classic, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor and Legion)
  6. First of all, when i log into my server, i get this "You cannot speak that Language" but then im using the Macro wich fixes it, But i get another one called " You dont know that language " now instead. Any clues of what im missing ?...http://imgur.com/a/gKdrpapparently its something in the database im sure, wich needs to be edited somewhere, its been like 1.5 year ago since i last touched thoose things, ive not the biggest memmory xD.Help would be appreciated Thanks- - - Updated - - -I really need this, otherwise i cannot do anything on my server, since im unable to write, wich means i cannot add npcs or items or such from ingame
  7. Anyone familiar with this boosting service WoW EU Boost. Boosting PvE/PvP. Customized Raids and Dungeons: Blackrock Foundry, Hellfire Citadel, Highmaul, Emerald Nightmare. Character’s gear Draenor | Legion. Farming the Battlegrounds and Arena. Unlocking achievements and titles. Players coaching. http://woweuboost.com
  8. Dear WOWBB we are proud to announce Dark Temptation!Running latest Trinity Core with db 335.61 (Fresh compiled)(01.06.2016)Multiple realm's (Blizzlike-Fun-Secret)Aiming for 1.12.1 Vanilla Blizzlike and 2.4.3 TBC later on.We are a small staff team working overtime to give the best gaming experience we can support.We have not been testing everything so in this case how much working is yet to tell!If YOU want to Help us out, come join our community and be apart off our big project!We do not take credit for Website Template for our FusionCMS! (looking for web designer)What you can expect from us: 99.9% Uptime Great Host Friendly Staff Hard working A+ Support No Custom Items No Pay2Win Stable Core If you got suggestion for our server be sure to post them on our forum so we can improve to be better! ForumIf this look's promising why dont You check us out? Dark Temptation WoW
  9. Divine-WoW is going to be launching with a brand new core with 100's of fixes and a fresh database, hopefully sooner then later but to provide a great experience We need to perfect the Core and Database, We will keep You posted on Our website. The website we have now is just to act as a Traffic and Information website until we finish our work. SIGN UP ON OUR CLOSED-BETA FORM TO TEST THE SERVER BEFORE IT LAUNCHES, the Closed-Beta will be live on the 22nd of April(this month) - Sign up on Our website using the Closed-Beta form. - http://divine-wow.net Thank You for Your patience! _____________________________________________ Social Media _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Story of Divine-WoW: Divine-WoW started in early 2015 and closed after development was completed with 100s of fixes and end game content tested We were satisfied with the work We, and Our community had achieved, We look to launch the best Server of 2016 and have the best community a private Server can provide, and We will continue to work on achieving that goal so Our community can grow and thrive. To all the Old Members of Divine-WoW: We are sorry for the sudden close on Our realms, We promise to provide a 1 month notice in the future if we run into financial issues or any kind of theft, Let us know VIA the forums if You had a Character on Our 3.3.5a Progressive Blizzlike Realm, and We will restore it. _____________________________________________ We will keep You posted on Our development! http://divine-wow.net/
  10. Hey everyone! Did you know? WoWMortal is the one of the best instant 85 cataclysm wow private server out there? Yeah, also they have just launched a blizzlike 3.3.5 wotlk realm! with most working contents That's something good. Also, they have a great community/forum, Good voting system, Daily Events and Active Staff members. If that got your attention, you can register and download the client at http://wowmortal.com/ , you'll find me there.
  11. Hello everyone :), Recently I have found myself struggling for an income *in real life* and I am getting some summer jobs in 2 months or so. But until then I thought I would offer my services as a leveler on any World of Warcraft private server, (If you want a retail character leveled we will have to discuss it over Skype or in this thread.) Just a quick bio of myself so people know who I am, and where I come from as well as my skills. Name: Jay Age: 21 Country of current living: Canada How many years playing WoW?: 11 years, started in early 2005. Fastest character leveled to 100?: 24 hours in total (Breaks excluded) How many level 100 characters do I have?: currently I have 6 level 100 characters( Paladin(732 pvp IL) Druid (724 pvp IL) Warlock, Death knight, Hunter, Warrior ) all are on the realm Anvilmar. How much do I charge for this service?: It all depends on how satisfied You are, You don't have to pay for the character until You see it and are satisfied with the results, IF you are satisfied with the results we can arrange a price over Paypal, I don't accept money if You aren't satisfied with the results as I am in it to help people, not to get rich, this is a side project not a main income :). Interested in my service? send me a message with Your Skype name or we can just talk on this Website, it is all your choice. If this type of service isn't allowed please let me know and I will not post such a topic again, thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day/night
  12. Hello everyone, today i will show of my server, its a new name and new realms from YuruWoW. BlastWoW Instant 81 Funserver, High Stats, Starter Gear, Custom Instances, Custom Bosses, Custom Items, Custom Zones, Custom Vote, Custom Donor, Vip items, Vip Places, Special Events such as Easter Zone etc, Custom Patches, Alot of Custom Quests, Special Quest Rewards Super Items or Legendary Items. Special Events such as Easter/Xmass/Midsummer/Halloween BlastWoW Funserver 255, Starter Gear, Custom Items, Custom Instances, Custom Zones, Custom Events, Custom Bosses, Custom Donor, Custom Vote, Vip Items, Vip Places, Custom Patches, Alot of Custom Quests, Special Events such as Easter/Xmass/Midsummer/Halloween Special Quest Rewards Super Items or Legendary Items. BlastWoW Funserver 200 Starter Gear, Custom Items, Custom Instances, Custom Zones, Custom Events, Custom World Bosses, Custom Donor / Vote vendor and Items, Custom Patches Custom Quests BlastWoW Funserver 99 Spellrealm Starter Gear, Custom Items, Custom Instances, Custom World Bosses, Custom Quests Custom Patches Every Items except for Shirt have only spells ( No stats ) ( they have AP, SP.... and so on,) BlastWoW Funserver 187 Starter Gear, Custom Items, Custom Instances, Custom Zones, Custom Events, Custom World Bosses, Custom Donor / Vote vendor and Items, Custom Patches, Alot Of Custom Quests, Upgrading Armor and Weapons, Special Quest Rewards Super Items or Legendary Items. Special Events such as Easter/Xmass/Midsummer/Halloween VIP Rank avaible for 25$. Whenever you donated for a minimum of 25$ you will get vip. Btw whenever you donate make sure to contact me on skype. What can vip's do ? I havent fixed the VIP on all realms yet. the 81 Realm and 255 realm is the only realms atm. The Vip's Commands is : .respawn, .tele, .whisper off, .morph. ( Vips are allowed to morph people if they want to (if the person want to be morphed) The VIP Places is : .tele vip_mall, .tele vip_instance, .tele vip_boss. Dont have an orignal WorldChat to the realms, so you have to write in ".na [message]" Donate and Vote Avaible. Donate for ? You donate for keeping the server up. What can i get ? you will get Donor Tokens (to buy Donor items or buffs ingame). There is 2 or more Patches for each realm. you see the patches req for each realm at the website. The Website of this Server is : http://blast-wow.no-ip.org/ Patches avaible at : http://blast-wow.no-ip.org/page/connect My Information on how to get contact with me: Skype : chyssler1997 Email : Christoffergodis@live.se Ingame : Chyssler / Komintor 81 Funserver Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKiQl88dioM 255 Funserver video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TTSamodeT8
  13. Welcome to the Dethwing (4.3.4) and Belfalas (3.3.5) server's; It is the goal to provide a game with the highest quality experience possible and below is just a sample of what we offer; Professionally ran 3.3.5 Wrath of the Lich King and 4.3.4 Cataclysm server's with dedicated GM's that are present 24/7 that actually listen and are eager to help. A tight knit community of dedicated players. Both our server's...Belfalas (3.3.5) and Dethwing (4.3.4) are both Player -vs- Environment server's...offering; Cross faction teaming, Cross faction world chat, 1x rates across the board and Cross server chat. Free character transfers from other servers. Both our server's are English speaking server's...though we welcome all players from around the world. We have zero tolerance for scammers and hackers...both server's have been created with you in mind (the player) and that we want to offer you the most comfortable playing experience. Both our server's are family oriented...which means, all conversations in world chat must be PG related...this is so we can offer even the youngest of players a more appropriate gaming experience. In closing...if you are looking for a new home or are looking to give us a try, we invite you to check us out; http://Dethwing.com
  14. I think a lot of people struggle with making their World of Warcraft private server public so that their friends can connect and play with them. This is not as difficult as you think and here are the basic steps to make it public: Step 1 - Assign Your Computer a Static IP Address Follow this URL/Guide on how to do this on different operating system versions. Note: If you don't do this and your LAN IP address changes, people will NOT be able to connect to your server/computer. You need to give your computer a static LAN IP address that never changes (for example or depending on your routers IP). Step 2 - Portforward the Realmlist and Worldserver Ports Follow this URL/Guide on how to do this using different router makes/models. The following ports MUST be forwarded using your new static local IP which you setup in step 1: 3724 - Realmlist port 8085 - Worldserver port Step 3 - Edit your Auth > Realmlist table Visit our sister website IPGetter.com to get your internets IP address. Open your database via HeidiSQL or preferred SQL program, go into the "auth" database and open the "realmlist" table. There, change the address from "" to the IP address taken from IPGetter.com. Save, close and success! You're done!.
  15. Naxxramas 10 Obsidian Sanctum 10 Vaults of Archavon 10 now released! Want to Join us but don't want to leave your hard work behind? We are now offering a Character Migration to our realm from your old one! also PROMOTIONAL OFFER: FREE Level 80 Character Boost, Full Riding Provided, 1000G and also Dungeon HC Gear! We are now ready to release our amazing and well scripted blizzlike realm onto the public, Thanks to lots and lots of hard work from the team and the testers that spent their time finding bugs and allowing us to fix them we now have a stable and well fixed core that is ready for release. The Realm: The Realm is a 3.3.5 WOTLK Progressive Server which will begin at level 1 all the way to level 80, Players will be able to level at x7 rates while also being able to do everything that was once possible in retail while leveling. Professions, Spells, Talents and Glyphs are working as intended and the damage per class is scaled to how blizzard once had it in Wrath of the Lich King. We also have Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Mounts and Pets available to players as rewards and also have Transmogrification sets available also. Using these expand our horizon upon bringing the latest released Blizzlike realm and creating an Impact with allowing players extra features to enjoy their game-play. We also have Seasonal Events and Quests for players to enjoy and earn some fun items from. The Staff: Runic-WoW has a dedicated and highly professional staff team who are available to help the community with their needs. The team are here to help and do their job accordingly whilst also handling issues when required. If you ever have an issue in-game you can always feel free to make a ticket in-game or head to our forums and a member of staff will deal with your issue as a professional. Information regarding the realm: Name - Vanguard Realm XP Rate x7 - Quest, Exploration, Drop Rates, Reputation and x2 Profession Rates Progressive Server - Will be releasing Naxxramas as first available. Starter Heirlooms - Vendor at every starter place. Transmogrification - Transmogrification Available in every Capital City Improved Anti-Cheat System - Allows us to manage and keep track of hackers / bug exploiters easier. Instant Flight Paths - Fly to your Location Immediately Cata / Mop Mounts - Used for Rewarding our players in a unique style! Cata/MoP Pets - Used for Rewarding our players with an Awesome looking pet! Cata/MoP Items - Used for Transmogrification as Rewards or directly through the store! Spells on Levelup Script - Get your spells instantly if they are available for your level 24/7 Uptime - Guarenteed Uptime with only a few minutes downtime due to restarts! Constant bug-fixes - 24/7 Bug-Fixes for your reports to our developers! Friendly, Active and Professional Staff - Our Professional and Active team is here to help with your problems. No Pay to Win Gear! - We Guarentee no Pay to win gear to give players a unfair advantage over others! Future for Runic-WoW: Our future is simple. Open a new Blizzlike Realm with a Custom Expansion which will include: New features like Mentors, item upgrades, new raids, dungeons, world pvp zone, new continent, new spells for all classes Custom Dungeon Finder guide custom models custom quest line and much more! We are currently writing the story line and making it behind the scenes. Within the next few months we will be adding these features onto our developer realm and making these new and unique additions become a reality. Runic-WoW is hoping to have this custom expansion released by the beginning - mid of next year and will be a fantastic way to bring a new style of 3.3.5 expansion. Facebook Twitter Website Forums Happy Gaming!
  16. Website The server is a semi-blizzlike server. Features custom and blizzlike coexisting with each other. Features: -Leveling 1-60, - Set XP Rate 1-10 (.rate xp ), - 1v1 Arenas Test your skills against other players, - Custom Lore-Friendly Instances and Quests, (Stormwind Vaults and etc.) - Upcoming Naxxramas to be scaled down to 60, - Onyxia's Lair Scaled Down, - Transmogification & Reforging, - Custom Non-OP Items (This will feature a Custom Ashbringer Questline), - Never Pay-To-Win, - Limited to TCG Items only on Store, - Scripted Content, - Cross-Faction Interaction [For Limited Time], - TBC and WOTLK Content Disabled - 24/7 Uptime, - Friendly Dedicated Staff! The server is in an Open Beta.
  17. Official Titans Release! Hey guys, WoW-Horb staff has been listening to the players and trying our best to attend to every request and suggestion, and thanks to you guys the Development team has been putting in some long hours to fine tune and perfect features that you guys love. I want to take this time to post some of the changes so that you guys can see what we've done so far, and what is expected in the future! » Registration Page » Website » Forum » Facebook Page Titans Realm Information! - Max Level 255 - - Daily fixes - - Over 48M HP - - Great stability - - Professional staff - - Custom instances - - 95% Spells working - - Over 5000 custom items - - Over 1000 custom quests - - Professionaly developed - - Has 10 events which are soloable - - The very first server with custom spells! -Completely CUSTOM MADE gems (see picture below)- - All race-class combinations - - Several custom malls - - Arena & PvP gear - - Vote rewards - - Donation rewards - - Scripted racial and class spells, abilities and talents - Average population - Transmogrification system (also own transmog for VIP members) - Duel reset cooldowns script - Active Anticheat system - Fully working Arena Spectator NPC - High Skillcap players - Fully working Arena Spectator UI Addon for better spectating experience - Professions Mall - Exotic Arena-queue places through the map - Custom Jump Event with rewards - Exotic Mounts without faction restrictions for free - Custom Boss Event - New Feature: 3v3 Solo Queue NPC / 1v1 Rated. How to play: Following is required to play on our servers: » You must Register account here in our website; » You must have WoW: Wrath of the Lich King patch 3.3.5a (12340) installed (see Download Custom Paches); » Edit your realmlist.wtf file located in "*:\WoW folder\Data\enGB/or/enUS" with our realmlist: set realmlist logon.wow-horb.net » Go to This link and register on our forums, then download our custom patches. (If you want to experience all of wow-horb!) » Enjoy our game! We all hope to see you on WoW-Horb! - The Staff Team
  18. Hi, we just started a new server 3.3.5a Blizzlike for leveling with a custom end game. Lag-free realm running on trinity fresh compiled. There is : - Custom Instance - Custom Dungeon - Custom Stuff - Good Staff - Great Dev ( And Still looking for another C++ Dev ) - Pvp - Pvp Zone - Farming Zone ( Hard Farming Zone ) - World Boss ( Don't try it alone...if you wanna survive ) - No teleporter We should start adding customs instances/stuff/dungeon when the first player of the server will hit lvl 50 There is no Pay to win like a lot of Wow server. You donate if you like it or you don't Come and try it, i'm sure you enjoy it ! Meretrix-Staff
  19. Menethil WoW is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players. [NEW] .::Menethil 3.3.5a Server::. Menethil WoW is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players. -Realm (Menethil) -Status: ONLINE! -Server Auction House 17000+ items -Dungeos Working. -Bg's Working. -New server!Low comunity!Blizzlike! -Friendly Staff. -Maximum working PvP and PvE content. -No custom donator items. -All classes/Quest work. -Spanish/English Support. -No wipes/rollbacks. .::Server Rates::. -Rate.Drop.Money = 1 -Rate.XP.Kill = 1 -Rate.XP.PetKill = 1 -Rate.XP.Quest = 1 -Rate.XP.Explore = 1 -Rate.Rest.InGame = 1 -Rate.Rest.Offline.InTavernOrCity = 1 -Rate.Rest.Offline.InWilderness = 1 -Death.Ghost.RunSpeed.World = 1 .::Server::. -Stable server -Server Antiddos -Massive Uptime -No Lag! -Last Updates. .::Website::. - www.Menethil-wow.com - www.Menethil-wow.com/forums
  20. Launch was a great success! Emerald-WoW 3.3.5a Development Project Join us Here: http://emerald-wow.servegame.com/ All players will be given 200 Web/Vote Points, and 100G per character they create after to use after launch. Realm first achievements are given to those who reach 80 First. We offer the following stats and content. Name: Blackrock: Midrate X18 3.3.5a Gold and Experience rates X18, all other rates are X1 100% Pure Blizzlike No custom Content. 99% of Quests are working 99% of NPC are working 99% of Spells and Talents are working 99% fixed Class spells. Fully working Wintergrasp. Fully working Dungeon Finder. Fully working Dungeons and Raids for Classic/Burning Crusade/Wrath of The Lich King. All Dungeons and Raids work 95% 24/7 Uptime. No Lag. 100MBPS Connection speed. Professionaly Managed and Maintained. Friendly staff! Friendly Community! Our Contact and Registration information Website: http://Emerald-wow.servegame.com Realmlist: set Realmlist Emerald-WoW.servegame.com Email: Emerald-WoW@hotmail.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.....T8tRDyeWraX04Q Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmeraldWoW Facebook: https://www.facebook/EmeraldWoW
  21. Fury-WoW: Recreation of Undamed-WoW Fury-WoW version Cataclysm 4.0.6 More Than 8000 Custom items!, Haste Cap 12800 Lots of Custom Instances! More than 500 Custom questes! Custom Task Area! Over 2000 Custom NPCs! Custom Currency MG/VP You can get your old VIP Gear back if you have Donation proofs (Donation receipts and so on) http://Fury-WoW.com Set realmlist Fury-WoW.com Donate to help us keep up the server and get awesome rewards!
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