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>>We still have 2 developer spots left!! We are still looking for the ones<<

C++/Lua for 3.3.5a ElunaTrinityCore.


One simple rule: Be decent & determined. That is ALL.

Big things await us, I need to find the ones for this position. Please contact me, im pretty sure you're not extinct and are somewhere out there and i will keep looking for you until i have absolutely no energy left.

-If you do not love what you do & carry a bad attitude,
-If you are not consistent,
-If you are not as determined as I am for this project,

       --->>> Then this is not a spot suitable for you.

Discord: Nerc#0487
Skype: marc.chahine222
Discord server invite: https://discord.gg/AH6z9Pk

Thank you!

TrinityCore: Wotlk 3.3.5
Working on 1 realm for now - another realm in the future:
-Realm 1: Leveling to 80 + Endgame PvP/PvE (Custom content)
-> Endgoal: 2-3 realms in total.

As the title proposes, i am currently looking for 1 final well-rounded developer. By well-rounded i mean know a bit of everything. But i am mainly looking for someone who is experienced and knows his ways around C++ scripting. I am looking for someone who is ready to produce & develop scripts, discuss and teach me anything that I need further inquiry on, or have any questions about.

Proper english (minimum level) is a must - so we can communicate easily - as well as a certain expertise in wow emulation (experienced).

- - - Updated - - -

Why am I posting this thread? and what am I trying to achieve?

I am attempting to meet the following objectives:
-> The server is ~85% done, I am working hard on finding the proper individuals who are going to work alongside me in order to make that a reality through executing on several occasions on a per week basis.
-> Create a pre-release community (through which, the sharing of ideas are going to be taking place, methods and ways of doing things, alternative recommendations through which the community will be the primary provider, content testing - during server testing phase).
-> Accumulate a fan base.
-> Gather new ideas that might leverage our ideas, server experience, and productivity altogether.
-> Gain statistically significant and solid evidence to our ideas and theories prior to implementation in order to meet player needs.
-> Meet people from different fields and creating a bonding community where we can all share ideas, get to know - & learn - from each other interchangeably.

Work will be rewarded progressively!! Within the first few days and then, weekly.[/COLOR]

You can reach me through:
Skype: marc.chahine222
Discord: Nerc#0487
Discord server: Discord

-> Note: we have already managed to accumulate a small community of around 80 Members on discord (that number has decreased due to server downtime while i was traveling. I am back working full-time on the server to get it back online with a new site that aims at rocking the web). I am still looking to expand this number. News and updates on the development are going to be shared in a progressive manner.

Developers are URGENTLY needed because we are very close to server release date and the developers that i've worked with have slacked long enough.

>> This is a call for dedicated developers, im trying to forge a devoted team who will dedicate at least a solid 50% of themselves to the project.

Looking forward to hear from you guys!

-C++ & LUA are a must.
-Decent English
-Availability (At least 3days/week!)
-Efficiency & productivity is a MUST (No Slacking)!

TrinityCore: Wotlk 3.3.5

Proof of past payments i have made for the people who have worked with me:

Thank you for you considerations and interests,
Kind Regards,

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