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Hello and welcome to WarGods WoW. This server is fresh, full scripted and full custom. If you are still looking for a fun server to play on, then you have found the right place. The WarGods community is constantly growing, so we thought we'd make a World of Warcraft server for you. All we can say is that we take care of our players, we listen to them when needed, and now that you know about this community, let's give you some details about the server, right?

Patch: 3.3.5a

Server features:

- Instant 255
- Balanced Classes
- Custom Instances
- Custom Tier 1 to Tier 13 & PvP Sets
- Gurubashi Arena
- Working Battlegrounds & Arena
- Working 1v1 Arena
- Custom Gems & Enchants
- Instant Professions
- Custom Quests & World Bosses
- All classes unlocked for every race
- Special PvP reward per kill system
- Custom Weapons & Weapon Upgrades
- Custom and Scripted Events
- Special Morphs
- Mop & Cata Transmog Sets + Weapons ( Soon )
- Transmog system & Transmog Mall
- Balanced spells & talents
- VIP System
and much more

Discord : https://discord.gg/mJJVdhZ69u
Website : http://wargodswow.com/


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