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LF Players(testers) for Wotlk Private Server (closed community)

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As the title says we r looking for some more people for our Wotlk(3.3.5a) Private Server with closed community. You might be wondering what does closed community actually means? Well it means that the server is NOT public. We are bunch of friends who used to play on all sort of private servers out there but decided to make our own private server which will be avaible only to us and few more people like minded. We are in need of more people to test the server ( not much is left to test ) before full wipe and restart. 
You might be wondering what kind of server it is? Our goal with this project:  We would like to make all of the raid content from vanilla through wotlk interesting, fun, and well scaled for a 5 man group on a WOTLK core.  This will include custom class balance changes at each xpac, extra mechanics added to bosses who lack depth, and additional raids/loot.

- Fast paced leveling or insta 60
- Custom/Changes mechanics for each boss in each raid
- Progressive (Begins with ZG + MC) (As we progress into AQ40 and beyond, older raids will gain icc buff for easier cleanup which will serve as a catchup method for alts or new players)
- Crossfaction
- Soloable dungeons ( 5 man raids )
- Tier3 Naxx subbed with ScarletM ( All ScarletM dungeons are now raids with bosses fully reworked )
- And so much more that i didnt got to write just yet but if you came this far into this post and you like it so far, please contant us on discord for more information: Xile32#9721

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