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Support Guide/Rules

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Today I'll be explaining the best way to create support threads which will allow us to help you more easily

1. Please be specific when posting.

"My world server doesn't load" does not help us at all. Give us as much information as you can! What core are you using? Is it a repack? Which expansion is it? All of these factors help us to narrow down what could be the problem for you.

2. Do not hi-jack threads

If you require assistance, please create your own thread. We can then make sure each individual person gets the help they need. The exception to this would be if you have exactly the same problem. In this case, feel free to jump in and let others know you have the same problem.

3. Be polite, patient and grateful.

Please be polite when asking for help. We do this in our own free times, so it's important that the supporter feels appreciated.

Asking for things in the following way will not get your post answered any quicker. "I posted 5 minutes ago why is no one helping me?". Be a little patient, we will ALWAYS reply in the quickest time possible.

I think that pretty much covers everything! :)

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