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Wrath-WoW 255 Funserver - A New Standard of Private Server - Fully Customized!

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Was talking about the city in italy the hostoric city!!!



Fully customized  Solo Dungeon Farming system added (blizz like) easy solo gear farming!

New Cata & Mop & more Transmog Farming Dungeons and daily quests added!

New Legendary Quest line is now available! More to come!

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I will have to come and try this out my friend. :) Looks interesting.

You are most welcome :)


hop on teamspeak if when ever you need any assitance.


Additionally tons of new updates & solo content + daily base fixes! Come check us out!

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 Hey guys, Wrath-WoW's staff has been listening to the players and trying our best to attend to every request and suggestion, and thanks to you guys the Development team has been putting in some long hours to fine tune and perfect features that you guys love. I want to take this time to post some of the changes so that you guys can see what we've done so far, and what is expected in the future!

Transmogrification Changes

    -NEW! Transmog mall has been created. Can be accessed by both World Teleporter, and the Colorful Portal in the Starting Zone!
    -NEW! Cataclysm Transmog Farming Dungeon (Deadmines total revamp)
    -NEW! Zul'Aman / Zul'Gurub (Cataclysm Expansion) (Zul'Farrak)
    -NEW! Mists of Pandaria (up to Heart of Fear) Transmog Farming Dungeon (Well of Eternity custom map!)

    -NEW! Quest giver "Bombuh Mogrify" is a Furbolg obsessed with Plumes of Transmogrification! He resides in the Starting Area just outside the portal to the Transmog Mall. Bombuh offers daily Transmog quests, Mount Quests, and Currency Conversion Quests! Bombuh seems to be willing to give players just about anything for those sweet, sweet Plumes!

    -NEW! currencies have been created. Plume of Transmogrification, and Weapon Transmog Token!
    -Plume of Transmogrification drops from Zul'Farrak, Deadmines, & Well of Eternity. Weapon Transmog Tokens can be obtained by speaking with Bombuh Mogrify in the Starting Area and exchanging 40 Plumes of Transmogrification for 1 Weapon Transmog Token!

NEW! Attunement Keys.

Wrath-WoW has replaced the attunement quest requirements for the next tiers of raid with physical keys that players will hold onto, and can link to show they are attuned to the instance. Quick breakdown of the keys:

    Zul'Aman (Tier 11) - No Attunement Required.
    Karazhan (Tier 12) - Requires Karazhan Key. Chance to drop from all bosses in Zul'Aman, and final bosses of Sunken Temple / Zul'Gurub.
    Black Temple (Tier 13) - Requires Black Temple Key. Chance to drop from all bosses in Karazhan, and final bosses in Stratholme / Shadowfang Keep
    Naxxramas (Tier 14) - Requires Naxxramas Key. Chance to drop from all bosses in Black Temple, and final bosses in Steamvaults / Underbog.
    Icecrown Citadel (Tier 15) - Requires Icecrown Key. Chance to drop from all bosses in Naxxramas.
    The Hidden Nebula (Tier 15.5) - Requires Key to the Nebula. Chance to drop from all  bosses in Icecrown Citadel

Players can also obtain Raid Keys through PvP. By heading over to the PvP Section in the Starting Area, players can turn in Marks of Warsong Gulch for attunement keys! The higher the tier raid, the more Warsong Marks it will cost.

NEW FEATURE: Solo Dungeons!

Players are now able to obtain raid level gear in a solo or group dungeon, as well as raiding environments! By heading over to the Teleporter, going to "Dungeons (Farm Raid Gear Solo!)", and choosing the raid category of gear you desire, you can enter the dungeon and begin killing the mobs & bosses inside, which will drop several unique currencies! These currencies can be traded in for tier relevant currencies allowing you to be able to totally gear up for raids by yourself, or in small groups up to a maximum of Black Temple gear, which is Wrath-WoW's Third major content raid.

For each tier of raid we offer, Wrath-WoW offers 2 Solo Dungeons! A quick break down of how it will work:

Raid:   Solo Dungeons:      Attunement:

Zul'Aman       Zul'Gurub / Sunken Temple           None!

Karazhan     Stratholme / Shadowfang Keep Karazhan Key

Black Temple      Steamvault / Underbog             Black Temple Key

Karazhan Key drops from the final boss in Zul'Gurub / Sunken Temple & Every raid boss in Zul'Aman

Black Temple Key drops from the final boss in Stratholme / Shadowfang Keey & Every raid boss in Karazhan.

NEW! Legendary Questline:

Players are now able to embark on an epic quest line like no other. Taking them through never before seen areas and maps, fully scripted unique boss fights and event encounters, and even taking players back in time over 10,000 years to when the very foundation of Azeroth was still being created. Through both light and dark magic, Wrathion has materialized in Wrath-WoW in present day time, guiding you through your journey earning epic Titles, Mounts, and Transmog along the way. At the end of this journey, a legendary item awaits you... The legendary Quest line can be started by purchasing A Mysterious Note from the Legendary Quest line Starter in the South section of the Starting Area!

NEW! Class Changes:

Death Knight:

All Death Knight gear has had it's attack power reduced by approx. 20%.
Howling Blasts Damage has been significantly reduced.


Mirror Images damage has been reduced by 50%


Healing in all tiers of gear has been reduced significantly.


Healing from spells has been reduced significantly.

Upcoming Class Changes:

    Feral Druid Healing
    Priest Damage
    Further look at Death Knight damage

We're expecting a lot more changes in the coming days and I look forward to informing all of you!

Best regards,Wrath-WoW Staff

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Wrath-WoW Features List


  • Features from website (store/webstore)
  • 1v1 Ladder, Solo Que 3v3 arena, 1v1 Rated & Skrimish arena, 2x Season Sets
  • Custom Made Armory
  • Unique website with nearly every feature needed for World of Warcraft! Fully customized
  • Live Bug tracker (rewards)
  • High UP time
  • Low Latency
  • Live Stream
  • Community Media portal
  • Rewards for Top 5 Voters of the month
  • Rewards for Recruit a friend
  • Rewards for contribution in Community Media and Art such as screenshots, wallpaper, videos & Live stream
  • Rewards for following on Social media such as Facebook
  • Promotional Monthly codes with unique rewards
  • Vote store rewards
  • A Unique designed website
  • Online Players
  • Players Statistics for Over All realm Stats



  • Friendly and Supportive Forum
  • Change Log



  • Fully custom multi functional Teleporter/hearthstone/inkeeper/combat clear/Repair bit (all in one tool)
  • Upcoming Raid (Emareld Dream & Ulduar as next Tier i.e. currently being worked on)
  • (thats under pve scroll down)
  • Custom unique designed mall
  • Profession & other necessities npcs with all in one functions
  • Support
  • AntiFarming
  • Teamspeak Support!
  • Anti  Cheat protection
  • Anti DDOS System
  • All in one Tools
  • Friendly Gamers community
  • Professional and Dedicated & friendly staff
  • Unstuck and other tools via website


  • PvP gearing System (Unique)
  • Onkillreward system (kill streak)
  • OnWinRewardSystem (arena)
  • Cross Faction Battle Grounds
  • Arenas
  • World PvP (rewards
  • Pets hp balanced
  • No Payto win
  • PvP Quests for gear progression



  • 5 Raids & 6 Gearing Dungeons
  • Cata & MOP Transmogs, Mounts & Creatures
  • Custom Maps
  • Xmog farming dungeons
  • Gear Farming Dungeons
  • World Bosses, Events
  • Custom Raids (hidden nebula)
  • Coming soon content
  • Daily Quests
  • Permanent Morphs (fun npcs)
  • All items can be obtained ingame via farming/earning. 99% of spells working as intended
  • Unique, easy and Dynamic leveling system with Blizz like spells casts, damage
  • movements of creatures, Auto equip leveling gear for quick progress, 4 Elements Custom Lore for leveling!
  • Dungeons Quests for farming Gear
  • Profession & other necessities npcs with all in one functions
  • Custom unique designed mall
  • Starting Raids are 100 % Blizz like scripted & working (scaled for 255 standards) Custom Raids are extremely unique with complex game mechanics
  • Upcoming Raid (Emareld Dream & Ulduar as next Tier i.e. currently being worked on)
  • Global Trainers with all in one function


  • Daily Fixes
  • New Balance system for PvP on 255
  • Hardcaps for PvP Balance (spell pen, dodge etc)
  • Bounty system automated with kill streak system, Rewards for Killer and hunter (visual & Power buffs) on the streak & for breaking it
  • scaled buffs at level 255 (no longer useless)
  • Custom Gems
  • Mana Cap
  • Pets hp balanced

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Greetings Gamers!
We at Wrath-WoW have been working constantly to bring you new updates & Content! Since its more about PvP on 255 Servers we have implemented about 10 custom Daily quests in order to obtain PvP Gear! Also Whilst PvE Raids & Dungeons progression quests you will get rewards which are used to obtain PvP gear. So you can directly switch into the pvp when ever you want to! Recently we have made major class balance fixes to bring you good quality experience at Level 255 with three talent Trees In PvP & PvE.
Check it out here: www.wrath-wow.com
Also check out all the change logs here and here!



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