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[AscEmu] Blizzlike Repack for Client 3.3.5a

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Pure's Blizzlike Repack
Based on AscEmulator for 3.3.5a Client

This Repack includes the following:

Database Installer

Instructions and more:


Installation Instructions:

This works on on any higher Microsoft Windows Version then XP
Make sure you have at last up to 20GB Free HDD/SSD Space on your Disk.
Download the Repack and the dbc, maps, vmaps from the Downloadsection.
Once you have Downloaded the installer.exe, open it up and extract the containing files
to your prefered location on your System (Need to Create a Folder first and install it into this Folder). (key for the installer and data is ac-web-repack)
Follow the README FOR GOOD.txt for the correct Setup.
Set as installationpath at installing the data-installer.exe to your main Repack folder.

Download Section:
Click here to download the Repack installer. (18 MByte)
( OPTIONAL )Click here to download the dbc, maps and vmaps if you dont want to extract them yourself. (515 MByte)
if you have issues while extracting, try to install the 32 or 64 bit version of 7-zip.


Changelog and BugTracker:



Click here to view the Commits

Some Highlights:
- Random Dungeonfinder
- mmaps
- GameEventMgr (all old ArcEmu sql data are ported)

Bug reports:
Click here to Add a new Issue on AscEmu Github (require account there)

Please Report every Bug you can find to ensure its going to be fixed by time.

Credits and End:
This is not a OneClick Repack.

ArcEmu - For the Core Base
AscEmu Team - For the good work

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