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LMLS v1.1 (Lazy Man Linux Script)!

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I am not an autor of this script, but if something will be needed, I can help. So feel free to ask here in topic.


Supported Cores:

Supported Distro(s):
RedHat, CentOS, Fedora,
Debian, Ubuntu & Mint

Brief Description:
The LazyMan script is an auto installer for World of Warcraft emulators. The script
starts out with one simple download and execute. Then it gathers information about
your server and which core you would like to install. After that It will automatically
add the user 'server' and add said user to sudoers. Then it will download step 2
of the automation and push the script to the user and then logs into the user.
From there you will just simple type './continue.sh', choose your amount of CPU cores
and then the script installs your core choice with the provided server information.

After the core and it's dependencies are installed, 5 scripts and a README file will
be downloaded to the user's home directory. The five scripts include an auto
auto compiler, './updater', a world and auth start/auto restart scripts './world.sh'
and './auth.sh'. The other two are 'check' scripts that will auto restart your
daemon when ever it goes down.

As you can see, only TrinityCore, ArcEMU & Slyfire are currently supported.
I am in the process of working on the entire multicore option. Currently I have
only tested this on CentOS 5/6, Debian and Ubuntu. Since this is Linux
I am sure there will be bugs and issues. If anyone experiences a bug
or error, please let me know so I can either fix the main source, or
just give you a quick fix for your own server.

The Features of LMLS v1.1:

Multi core support!
Multi distro support!
A friendly interface.
Auto server setup, installs needed packages and prepares server for core.
Information gatherer, stores information you provide that's best for your core install.
Auto installs of the ACE libraries and OpenSSL.
Fetching of core and auto setup/compile.
Additional scripts prepared for server and account.
Auto MySQL DB & User setup.
Auto MySQL database creation and importing.
Auto updates auth, characters and world DBs.
Start script for world and auth servers.
Auto restart.
Auto core compiler.
Ability to control the daemons through 'screen'.


Install Instructions:
1) You must be root to use this script.
2) Make sure you have bash & wget installed(they should be).

apt-get install bash wget

yum install bash wget
3) Login as root and go to your home directory, cd ~/
4) Download the first setup script:

wget http://dl.emudevs.com/lmls/setup.sh
5) Set the script permissions for use:

chmod +x setup.sh
6) Run the script:


Please read the on screen instructions!

The rest is just a few questions. The rest is automated, so just sit back and be lazy.

Again when and if you receive an error or issues with the setup
and installation, please let me know so I may fix accordingly!
It would be a simple, "Find this line & Replace with this line".

Note: At the end of the setup, it will open the README file. Please read it's
contents before running any of the automated scripts.

v1.1 - Fixed the unrar package for Debian based OS'
Fixed some missing compile commands
Added a few more package locations to apt sources list
v1.0 - Updated layout & headers
Removed all extra script downloads
Removed extra continue.sh scripts
Everything is now only on setup.sh
Added su commands for user side setup
Tweaked MySQL settings (please ignore duplicate warnings still)
Cleaned up the code, removed extra echos and sleeps
v0.9 - Fix more core dependencies and fixed some script errors causing the automation to cease.
Also added the option to download maps, vmaps & dbc for TC. Script now su's to user in bash.
Moved all file download locations & removed the need to use dos2unix.
Last tested on Debian7 and CentOS6(Fresh Installs) 11/17/2013
v0.8 - Updated Core Dependencies
v0.7 - Added Skyfire support
v0.6a - Fixed a few compile errors with ArcEmu, damn those typos. I also took down the amount of sleep timers
v0.6 - Added ArcEmu support & updated interface for multicore option

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