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Darkmoon 335a

[3.3.5a] Darkmoon - Progressive High-Rate

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  • Experience: x25
  • Honor: x15
  • Drop: x15
  • Gold: x5
  • Arena Points Flush: 3 days
  • Instance bind reset: 3 days
  • Reputation: x10




  • Transmogs: enabled
  • Arena Spectator: enabled
  • Solo Queue 3v3: enabled
  • Dungeon Finder: enabled
  • Arena Crystals: enabled
  • Teleporter: enabled
  • MMaps, VMaps: enabled
  • Auto-Learn skills on level-up: enabled

What's more:

  • Completely revamped level 80 zone with daily and weekly quests, four scripted bosses and a lot of mysterious riddles,
  • Smart Respawn System - monsters respawn time proportional to the amount of players in a zone,
  • Massive Events - every weekend, such a fun!
  • Battleground & arena rankings with seasonal, unique rewards.
  • Weekly PvP and PvE challenges



Every instance is fully scripted and working, but they will be released progressively - one after another. When the server launches we'll open all raids from Vanilla up to Ulduar. Further content will be unlocked after the first clear of the end-game raid.
This approach allows veterans to relive their favourite moments and gives an opportunity to new players to face the most exciting encounters of the expansion. Arena and Battleground seasons will progress equally to PvE.



Darkmoon is big, Polish server coming to the EU World of Warcaft scene. Our biggest assets are professional staff and strong community. Our team consists of skilled developers and great gamemasters.
We aim for the top gameplay experience, becoming the server crafted for players needs. No more lags, crashes, bugs and boredom.

Server launches on 22nd April 2016, 16:00 UTC. After creating an account, you'll get notified by e-mail 24 hours before the start. We also encourage to follow our Facebook to stay in touch!


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Looks completely legit mate, best of luck with this. The website is nice and clean and nice use of video on it too!

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