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How to make an Item Goes to Currency Tab and Auto Looted

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Hi Everyone Today i will show you How to make an item to goes directly to your Currency and it Loots automaticly in a kill. (
Whenever you kill the npc the item will get in ur currency = you dont have to loot from the npc ).

1st. You will have to choose the item you want to get to your currency, myself im using my own item ( a material ) doesnt
need to be this but ye. just choose whatever item you want. http://imgur.com/a/w9CaU

2nd. you need to open your DBC Folder with "MyDbcEditor" wich you can download here :

And then you gotta goto your Wow server folder and open the file called "CurrencyCategory.dbc" You dont have go and do this, this is just for the good look, however in here, you simply just right click one of the current ones in there and click "Copy Line to" and just add a new number and then just change the name of it like this : http://imgur.com/a/62Glo   http://imgur.com/a/5HBfk

3rd. Save it, then you open "CurrencyTypes.dbc" There you do the same, go all the way down, "Copy Line to" and a new number
that doesnt exist.
Ok as you see here in the first Column it says just numbers and letters. Simply Remove that and add your ItemId of the item
you wanted to be in currency. Myself i choosed Tutorial Token wich was 708000. then i just put it in there, Remember when u
put that in, it will automaticly gets into the letters and Numbers, dont worry it shall be like this.
Then you see the Last Column in here, it says 29 ( for me ), if you maked a new category with a id, that id shall be put
here, so in my case it shall be 50. http://imgur.com/a/vKkDa

4th. Now you just need to make a Custom patch, wich i have done in another Topic : http://wowbb.org/topic/487-how-to-make-

Alright Now it shall be working and it shall looks like this: http://imgur.com/a/zcaFr


Ok Now for the way to Make the Item Itself to be auto looted, you have to goto your item in database, and changed the "BagFamily" to "8192", To make so everyone in your Group gets the currency too, Simply set the "Flags" on the item to "2048"


Now your item shall be auto looted and Goes directly to your currency, if not, please message me or on the topic.

Thanks for me




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