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Emu Tools - WoW
Emu Tools are a set of purchaseable tools which is desgined to help you.
These tools are specificly aimed at people who find wow development difficult.
While we recommend you to learn developing without tools, we want to give you the oppertunity to make it a little easier for yourself.

First Tool - CG
CG is our first tool that we would like to put on the market. CG is a code generator that will help you create scripts in no time.
Making a script have never been easier, you simply have to type a few commands in the main console and here your script.
The tool is designed to help you with c++, eluna and more. It will support: Creatures, quests, spells and much more.

CG - Release date
CG is currently in development, there is no saying when the final build of the tool will be published on the market.
CG is purchaseable more info below. The price of CG will change based on the tools stage.

CG - Supported Features
Current supported features: ( red = unsupported, yellow  = being worked on, green = supported).

  • c++ -- This section of the tool is currently unsable.
  • eluna -- This section of the tool is currently usable but limited.

CG - Buying
CG's price is 50$. The price will change according to the features available.
If you would like to purchase CG. Please contact hejhej123321 ( Nick ), on skype for more information on how to buy this tool. The process is currently manual, but will be made automatic in the future.

CG Screenshots:


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