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AMDWoW Recall

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Does anyone rememeber old amdwow server? aka damagewow/wrathwow?
RIP: https://web.archive.org/web/20120306104351/http://www.amdwow.com/
Anyone interested for a recall? Planning to revive it since I have the full knowledge to do that.
If anyone is interested in participating to the project please chat with me on discord: Asandru#7561

Discord: 780bedd1195a4588be6bdba69ec502b9.png
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/qheWUc5
(Please notice that I may delay answer to you guys on discord if Im busy working on the project but Will create a channel for you and I will not ignore you)
GMail: artister.hd@gmail.com

I want to make a recall and come up again with the server and much better, NOT SAME content, NO MORE P2W (pay to win), people can earn vip without donation, hardworking & worthy professions, NO MORE inactive GMs and NO MORE overpowered Players, ENGLISH only server, FULL support to new players, better SYSTEM! SOCIABLE Admin & Staff.


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