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Show Off my first professional wow server template design

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Before saying anything I want to thank this community, as cancerous as it is since i'm an active member here since 2011 i was a lot around here, i can say it made me want to learn a lot about coding, designing and everything else related and a lot of people can /vouch me for my seriousness and most of you saw my progress over the years. That it, i said it, i feel better now.

Back to the subject.
Title says everything :D but first lemme tell you the features in this

-One Page layout for the homepage
-Bootstrap framework used in this project
-Cool block animations
-Youtube video instead a plain image on header
-Registration form on front page
-Fresh looking frontpage statistics
-Sadly only 1 realm support due to the fact that i'm using an updated version of DarkCore CMS for backend 

This is still work in progress cause is missing the login page, account management page and so on also some design touches are needed.

Here are some pictures for you

1.Navbar login dropdown

2.Navbar Dropdown Menu

3.Homepage header section, slider with video background and animations

4.Realm Info Section

5.Statistics Section

6.Online Players Section

7.Registration Section

8.Guides Page

9.News Page

10.Article Page

It's far from being done but it will turn out into something cool

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