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[4.3.4] Empire of Darkness | International WoW Server

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Hello everyone, We Are very excited to announce the opening of this great project our idea is to create an international community where you can diversify the game and transcend the language barriers

We currently have a realm Cataclysm 4.3.4 which is 90% complete and we continue in its development

Quick info:

[*]*Rates x6 and Every Weekend Rates x12
[*]* Progressive
[*]* Nothing Custom
[*]* Stable 24/7
[*]* First Character Lvl 85 with basic PvP /PvE Gear, 1 flying mount and 1 Land mount
[*]* Gm's Spanish & English
[*]* Item Store (VP&DP) With Heirlooms and Mounts

Visit our website WEBSITE
Visit Our FORUMS
Join our Discord Server 

We are still recruiting 10 publicists (Badly Called Spammers), 6 GameMasters (Doesn't matter language), 2 C++ developers, and 2 Sql Developers to join our project. Our vision is to create a community where people break the language barriers but at the same time have the most gratifying experience in a server with constant updates, events and stability. we looking for the best in the community professional staff members and leaders that contribute with the growth of the server. the pay will be through Donation apports on our website. if we can to pay staff members monthly We will do it with pleasure.

[*]Publicist - Spammers: 0/10
[*]GameMasters: 3/6
[*]C++ Developer: 1/3
[*]SQL Developer: 1/3

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