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< Emerald Sanctum > 1.2 Progressive Blizzlike, Normal (PvE)

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Realm: Emerald Dream    

Type: Normal (PvE)

Patch: 1.2 (Progressive)    

Rates: x1 All Rates    

Store: No In-Game Advantages

Cross-Faction: No    
Dungeons & Raids
Working & Scripted

Working & Scripted

Bug Tracker & Active Development

Maintenance: Wednesday’s from 9 AM to 12 PM (Central Standard Time)


Emerald Sanctum has always been a project motivated by passion for the game and our
 community. Since the Project’s inception at the start of 2018, we have been able to create a tightened
Community-Based game server that emphasizes on commitment and stability. Our philosophy is to recreate an
authentic experience for World of Warcraft, while having the option of experiencing multiple eras of the game at
your choosing. As our Store reflects, we are not here to make a profit, however we encourage community support
to make surethat we can keep upgrading our hardware as need be.


As a Progressive Project, our Main Realm will apply future patches based on In-Game Progression. 
Once a new expansion is released, you will be able to copy your character(s) onto the new Realm, while maintaining your
current character(s) on the previous Realm. So if you wish, you still can play your Classic Character(s), even as Official
Progress moves onto the Burning Crusade.


set realmlist logon.emeraldsanctum.com
Emerald Sanctum


Emerald Sanctum Staff

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