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[WOTLK] YugoWoW 85 Fun Server 3.3.5

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YugoWoW was based on my old work but i've remake nearly everything and it's now a really fun server to play.

I'll not talk much about it, as you better discover everything yourself when you play it.

As you know advertising for server most of times means that it's a pretty low populated but i hope we growup fast.

  • Start Level 55
  • Max Level 85
  • Vote and Donor points for been active ingame
  • 10000 Custom Items
  • Custom Gems
  • Custom Mounts
  • All Races & All Classes is Enabled
  • Custom Dungeons
  • Custom regular and Mini Teleporter
  • Transmogrify
  • Custom Command
  • VIP System
  • Special Commands for stuck or combat bug
  • Custom Mounts ( speed )
  • All Regular items reworked
  • New Class Spells
  • 50 + Spells reworked
  • Balanced Classes
  • Custom World Bosses
  • Custom way of gearing UP
  • 1v1 Arena
  • PVP gear
  • Best gear isn't ( donor ) so it's not a P2W server
  • Donations will always be for the server
  • Much more news coming soon

I want to talk about donations, actually all donations will go either to the server by donating following the rules on our discord else donating on website will go for our webhost, and just to note that my country disallow us to have a paypal nor anyway of international payments ... so yeah i'm not here to earn money out from people, i'm here only to public a server that everyone could enjoy i wish i can do more better work.

This is our Discord :



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