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3.3.5 | Valtherium-WoW | i100 Progressive Release (Solo / Team)

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<-== Server Concept ==->

Valtherium-WoW a Customized Funserver based off my Original Server. Emblazed-WoW.
We are an Instant Level 100 Server with Balanced PvE. It is a Medium Stat Server making Content based around Solo and Group Play.
There is No Pay To Win or VIP System on this server and there probably will never be such concept here at Valtherium.

<-== Content ==->
1. Custom Gems
2. Custom Titles
3. Custom World Bosses (Scripted)
4. Custom Rank System
5. Custom Advancement System
6. Custom Upgrading System

<-== PvP ==->
We have plans in the future to bring PvP to Valtherium-WoW but not yet 100% done.

<-== PvE ==->
Valtherium-WoW is mainly a PvE Oriented server as PvP is still being Balanced and Perfected with the Tiers available at this time.
You will have a lot of content to go through so far and it is inevitably growing with each day.

<-== What we aim for ==->
A Community of WoW Players with a Server that is Unique to the AC Family. We are not a money hungry oriented server as we want quality and people to share the fun and memories of Valtherium-WoW

<-== Easy to Learn Server ==->
This is a Fan made Google Document by one of the Players on the Server.


<-== Custom Content ==->
1. Wanted System // World Boss Hunting
2. Ranking System
3. Player Login System // In-game Player Announce
4. Statsystem.cpp Edited to be more Balanced for all classes

<-== Rank System ==->
As you join the Server you are known as a <Player> when you login to the server.
You will begin your < Trial > as you will be able to Rank up through our Ranking System. 
The Higher your Rank the Higher your Rank Buff will Scale.
Ranks are as Followed:

<Player> -- Default Rank
<D Rank> --First Rank Given once you finish your First Trial Quest Chain // Also will Reward 5% Stats Buff
<C Rank> // Also will Reward 10% Stats Buff
<B Rank> // Also will Reward 15% Stats Buff
<A Rank> // Also will Reward 20% Stats Buff
<S Rank> // Also will Reward 25% Stats Buff
<S+ Rank> // Also will Reward 30% Stats Buff
<SS Rank> // Also will Reward 35% Stats Buff
<SSS Rank> // Also will Reward 40% Stats Buff
<ULT Rank> // Also will Reward 50% Stats Buff -- Final Rank you can achieve as of now

Staff Ranks:

<-== Instances ==->
Zone 1: Charred Vale
T1: Gundrak // C Rank Trial
T2: Drak'Tharon Keep // B Rank Trial
T3: Halls of Stone
T4: Forge of Souls
T5: ShadowFang Keep // A Rank Trial
T6: The Botanica
T7: The Nexus // S Rank Trial
T8: Shattered Halls
T9: Auchenai Crypts
T10: Magister's Terrace // S+ Rank Trial

<-== Chapter Completions ==->
With Each Chapter you Complete, you will get a very Appealing Item. (Legendary Rank) Armor / Equipment. When you Get to the Rank ULT you will unlock the Chapter Reward Upgrade System which will Upgrade the Chapter Reward from Legendary to Ancient Quality Increasing the Power Received from that Chapter Reward.

<> YouTube <> Discord <> Website <> Twitch <>

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