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StrongWoW 255 Fun Realm Huge Stats

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Server features:

- Instant 255
- Balanced Classes
- Custom Instances
- Custom Tier 1 to Tier 16 & PvP Sets 
- Custom Gladiator Set Tier 16 PvP / Arena Honor
- Gurubashi Arena
- Working Battlegrounds & Arena
- Custom Gems & Enchants
- Instant Professions
- Custom Quests & World Bosses
- All classes unlocked for every race
- Special PvP reward per kill system
- VIP & VOTE Items
- Custom Weapons & Weapon Upgrades
- Special Morphs
- Transmog system & Transmog Mall
- Boosted spells & talents 

Instance info 
-The Nexus T1
- Razorfen kraul T2
-Onyxia Lair's T3
-Scarlet Monastery T4
-The Forge of Souls T5
-Pit of Saron T6
-The Blood Furnance T7
-Deadmines T8
-Gruuls Lair T9
-Mana Tombs T10
-Ragefire Chasm T11
-Obsidian Scantum T12
-Zul Aman T13
-T14 Vindicator Set (BattleGround)
-Serpentshrine Cavern T15
-Molten Core T16

Website: https://strong-wow.com
Discord : https://discord.gg/HywrwW


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