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CrystalWoW 3.3.5 RPG STYLE 255 Funserver

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Hello Everyone

I'm the current Owner of the Server Called CrystalWoW.

This Server is In Alpha State Right now, but you can still join and login on the server.

This realm will be a RPG STYLE Server, Which means that you will be able to explore areas, Find Quests, Kill Monsters, Crafting And such.

The Way it works is like:

- You could Quest your way by the Custom Story Line to get gear Or find Random Quests scattered around

- You can kill Monsters & Get Better or Worse Drops (Gears etc)

- Do Professions (450 Instant in all professions) And you can buy and Craft Custom Made "Plans" Like the Picture Down Below

Custom Maps (Self Made Maps By me) Only  = No Ingame Zones / instances Will be ingame, Only Custom Maps.

Nothing above Woltk Client is Used (Only things within Vanilla-Woltk)

Since this is a Alpha Build, it doesn't have a lot of content to work with, there is a couple of quests & Mobs to kill for sure, And A lot to Explore

Also, Every 30 Minutes you play ingame, you will receive 1 Vote Point. Doesn't Counts if your AFK 

Some Scripts Which are used ingame right now & Not used

- Transmogrifier (USED)

- World Chat (USED)

- Profession NPC (USED)

- Gambler NPC (USED)

- Race/Faction/Name/Appearance Changer NPC (USED)

- Duel Reset (Gets full hp when Duel ends) (USED)

- Naked bugg (USED)

- Login Announce & Log out (USED)



Starter Zone Look: 




Some Other Images of the Zones Randomly:






Alright That's a little taste of it...


Here is the website for CrystalWoW:


The Patch is Very Small, So Don't Worry

Discord Is on the "news" on the website, if you want to join the server, make sure to join the discord chat, you will see All the new Updates i Do.



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