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Hello everyone

Yes BlastWoW Once again.... xD i have some topics about it... but they are all different

Well the last topic

is a bit outdated.


The realm max level is no longer 87, its 89 :D... but mostly built in 87.

However Lets go thru some of the thing from the realm


The Basics is still left from the other Topic Such as:

- Upgrade able Weapons, From Starter weapon to Max Tier as seen on the video from the topic


The Other changes is basically:

- New mall (self made)

- All Offset Farming Zones are Self made (Except tier 1-3)

- The Offset Farming can be obtained by either gathering objects or Killing mobs

- All instances are binds with a Achievement Clear Check ( Need to Complete previous Achievement in order to enter next instance ) - You kill last boss in prev instance to get achievement

- 2 Custom Reputation farmings ( 1 Completed, 1 Unfinished )

- Season Zones ( With more Creativity ) ( Story Lines by gathering stuff & Killing - Npc Talks/Texts ) Halloween Released Today 

- Only 1 realm, Focused on 1 project

- Donor Items are not the best, Its only to help you gather tiers faster

- Professions ( Herbalism & Mining ) 5 level per gathering, once max you can gather the last flower / ore for Custom Gems or Enchants

- New Updates Every Week

- Active Discord Group

- Whats new / Changed In the Teleport ( To check for yourself whats been fixed or added )


Thats kinda the basic i would say haha :D

The Website is : http://Blastwow.sytes.net


Here is a short beta video of the Halloween Zone (Its a bit different now) - More Npc Texts & Fixed Quests 


Discord Group : https://discordapp.com/invite/Ufhj5bp

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